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Listen to Billy Ray

Before reading the rest of this post, I invite you to read this prediction I made back in October about Miley Cyrus:

Billy Ray Cyrus, once best known as being a country singer, is now best known for being Daddah Montana.  He is the father of “Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus.  He recently said in a GQ interview that he regrets allowing Miley to play the role of Disney’s  “Hannah Montana.”  He is also comparing his daughter to Kurt Cobain and Anna Nicole Smith.  The comparison isn’t their talent or their looks but their lifestyle.  He feels that Miley will die young due to drug abuse.

Billy Ray blames Miley’s latest behavior on her “handlers.”  Her handlers are no doubt Cinemafia confidants.  Now that Miley is an adult, they can no longer have their deviant fantasies about her so they are doing everything in their power to ruin her life.

This is why I have been boycotting all entertainment produced by the Cinemafia.  Not only have they ruined American entertainment (“Hanna Montana” wasn’t a good show), but it has ruined the lives of the entertainers who perform in Cinemafia productions.  I am strongly urging you and your loved ones to quit supporting the Cinemafia and their sponsors.


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The CineMafia is a Demented Group

I was watching the news this morning and they showed a scene from last night’s Teen Choice Awards ceremonies.  The news showed a clip of Miley Cyrus dancing with a stripper’s poll.   There were thousands of children in the audience as well as millions of children watching on televiosion.

The CineMafia loves to pimp out Miley Cyrus. Last year, she posed provacatively for Vanity Fair.

It is bad enough the CineMafia is pimping out a sixteen year old girl on a show intended for viewing for minors.  But the message suggest it is OK for little girls to dance with a stripper’s pole.  As a father of a six-year-old girl, I find this very disturbing.  And my daughter is a HUGE Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana fan.  I would hope that she and other girls her age do not get the impression that it is OK to dance on stripper’s poles.  Not because I don’t think that I don’t think boys her age should be aroused, but because pedophiles who lock themselves in their bedrooms when Miley Cyrus is on TV should not be aroused by children.

There will not be an end to pedophiliac crimes until the CineMafia makes children act like children and not like the sex objects they want to act them to be.

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Promotion Snafu

The Ahmnodt Heare for President Campaign hosted a concert on Saturday for people 14-18 years of age.  The purpose of the concert was to give Ahmnodt Heare name recognition for the 2012 campaign.  Everything that could go wrong managed to get wrong. 

The headliner was “Hanna Idaho”.  The campaign thought that she was Hannah Montana, the singer.  Hannah Idaho is a porn star.  Ahmnodt Heare received a political black eye when Hanna Idaho performed on stage what she is best known for doing. 

The campaign is currently being investigated for allowing minors to watch a sexual act.  The candidate had no knowledge of the concert or of obtaining either Hannah Idaho or Hannah Montana for any campaign promotion.  Ahmnodt Heare would like to thank his volunteers and staff for getting a crowd for his campaign, but strongly urges diligence in researching performers.

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Miley Cyrus’s Picture and the Cinemafia

“Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus recently posed quite provocatively for someone her age.  The pictures were in the latest edition of Vanity Fair.  We shouldn’t be shocked.  The Cinemafia encourages pedophilia.

I know that Miley Cyrus wasn’t in the movies, but the Motion Picture Industry of America has take a proactive role in turning minors into sexpots.  They lure young people into thinking they are adults by making them pay adult prices at movie theaters.  Then they show them things that only adults are allowed to do.

“Hannah Montana” is produced by Disney Studios for the Disney Channel.  This is the same Disney Studios that produces movies in theaters that charge adult prices to 12-year olds.  I am afraid to know what else they did to poor Miley.

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