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Debate Aftermath

I wasn’t going to do any kind of commentary on last night’s debate.  I was going to just take it easy.  I got bored and tweeted portions of the debate complete with my commentary and ideas.  It turns out that wasn’t a very good idea.

My first mistake was posting on Facebook that I wasn’t going to comment on the debate.  My mind wasn’t at its sharpest.  And fewer people followed than I was hoping.

I will be doing the next debate in real time on this blog.  (Unless I finally get one of the invitations that debate organizers keep saying is, “Lost in the mail.”

I will be spending the next couple of days looking for a new campaign headquarters.  The current headquarters is in either Michigan or Toronto (depending on who you ask.)  I have never visited the headquarters because it is too far away.  If you know where this building is, please let me know:

I also have some personal things to do this week.  I can’t get into detail about tomorrow too much but it has to do with whipped cream and a rubber chicken.

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New Headquarters

The new headquarters is in New York City, around the corner from The Disney Store.

The new headquarters is in New York City, around the corner from The Disney Store.

I have decided to move my headquarters from Michigan to New York City.  Although I still feel the actions by the McCain and Obama campaigns conclude that neither party cares about Michigan, I have to move to a more centralized location.

The new headquarters will be in midtown Manhattan near the family-friendly section of Times Square.  If you happen to be in the area, bring the family by.

I will be in Michigan from time to time as there are important programs that I must finish like the Jennifer Granholm conversion program.  I think that with a little bit of help, she will be an Ahmnodt Heare supporter.  There is also the humpback dolphin situation that has to be resolved.

I will leave Michigan campaign activities in good hands once the programs are finished.  If the hands aren’t good, I will supply hand cream and gloves.

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