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My Health Care Plan

The more I hear about the Affordable Health Care Plan, the more unaffordable it is becoming.  It seems to be the old switcheroo with health care becoming affordable by making health insurance more expensive.

I have written extensively on health care in the past.  I was mocked by many by my mandating “An Apple a Day” for every American.  Before you resume mocking me, let me point out that a whole year of mandated apples costs less than one month of mandated ObamaCare insurance.

The biggest difference between my plan and other plans is that the other plans only take effect once you fall ill.  My plan makes sure you don’t get ill and that you have more time for productive things like work and playing Words with Friends on Facebook.

I will be answering questions that you have about my health care policies Saturday Night at 11:00PM EDT on Blogtalk Radio.  Other topics include my new campaign strategies and highlights from my campaign stop in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


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A Campaign Day in Haiku


I got out of bed

And did my business so that

The dog could do his.


Eggs on a hard roll

Coffee and a Budweiser

Breakfast for a champ.


Watched the morning news

Wondering what’s happening

I still do not know.


Headed into town

To hand out literature

Of campaign issues


Literature snatched

Because cops hate my permit

The First Amendment


Talked to movie fans

And told them all about the



Went to the diner

And discussed my health care plan

“An Apple A Day.”


Went to hardware store

Rebuilding America

One nail at a time.


The Supermarket

Prices are so expensive

Shoplifting’s still free.


Walked the dog again

He did his business outside

Not on the carpet.


On-air interview

Canceled at the last minute.

One less thing to do.


Went to grab a beer

The bottles were all empty

From hearty breakfast.


“Family Guy”‘s on

I can’t watch them Sunday nights

Sunday Night Football.


Time to make dinner

Still have turkey leftover

From Thanksgiving night.


Talking to masses

Can be very difficult

With glitches abound.


Fixing the glitches

But the masses had all left

Will try again soon.


Enough of this day

Tomorrow will be better

Now I’m off to bed.

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AhmnodtCare vs. ObamaCare

ObamaCare includes provisions like mandated health insurance and panels.  AhmnodtCare involves prevention, including planting many apple trees.  AhmnodtCare would also find why health care is so expensive and find ways to quit making hospitals having so many bills.  I would start by quit having hospitals advertise.  If I am having a heart attack, I want to go to the nearest hospital, not to the hospital with the most commercials (unless it’s the closest hospital.)

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Radio Show on April 12

I will be live from the campaign trail on Monday April 12 at 12:00PM Eastern.

Ahmnodt Heare will be live from Iowa discussing the campaign trail as well as well as health care, cap-and-trade, bailouts, and other issues on the minds of Americans. He will also take your phone calls at 1 (347) 945-7487.

Feel free to call in with any questions you may have.

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I reached my 40,000th supporter the other day.  I would have mentioned this sooner, but I have been busy.  Below are some of the possible reasons in the spike of supporters in recent days:

  • Saguache County Support Base Swells upon my Arrival – I doubt this is the case because the percentage of people who were happy I am in Saguache County is no higher than the percentage of people who voted for me.
  • Obama Supporters are Weary of Obama – While I have seen people who voted for President Obama become critical of his health care plan, I have seen none of his supporters advocating mine.
  • McCain supporters See no Future for Republican Party –  Republicans seem to be like a punch-drunk spouse.  No matter how many times Republicans say they will cut spending and never do, the flock of grassroots Republicans believe they will cut spending the next time.
  • People are Bored – If that was the case, I’d have 40,000,000 supporters by now.
  • Subliminal Messages – I don’t know how to do that.  Besides, I believe in a more overt approach.  “VOTE FOR AHMNODT HEARE!”

While I figure out the reasons for the unexpected spike in supportership, I would like to thank everybody for supporting me.  Election Day is only 38 months away.

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2009 Predictions

What are your predictions for 2009? I predict the following:
1)Ahmnodt Heare will be a household name in 2009. The campaign is starting to steamroll and I am averaging almost 100 hits a day on my blog.
2)Barack Obama will resign from the Presidency so he can join a singing group similar to “Boys to Men.”
3)Perez Hilton will be named “Fashion Czar” and the government will tell us how to dress.
4)The Detroit Lions will win a game. Maybe 2.
5)Part of a bi-partisan health care bill will include a provision for people to sell organs to help pay for medical bills.

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Health Care – Controling Costs or Expanding Service?

I am for cutting costs.  I believe in my “Apple a Day” program.  It will make expanding services unnecessary because by eating an apple a day, everybody will be healthy and not need health care.

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