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Stay Informed

This has nothing to do with my campaign, but where you get your news.  If you are getting your news from the mainstream media, you aren’t really getting any useful information for decisions you need to make in your life.  The past week, the mainstream media has concentrated pretty much exclusively on Whitney Houston, Gary Carter and Jeremy Lin.  They also mentioned that gas prices have gone up.  (If you have bought gasoline in the last month, you already knew that.

Here is some of what you missed:

  • Shenanigans in Maine might cost Mitt Romney his win in the Maine Caucuses.  It seems that the GOP in Maine has failed to record the votes in many districts where Ron Paul won a specific caucus.  This includes almost an entire county.
  • Iran has cut oil to European countries who get oil in Iran.  This will raise the demand for oil from the countries the United States gets oil from and drive up gas prices to around five dollars per gallon.
  • A man had a heart attack while eating a burger called the “Triple Bypass” at a place called the “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas.  (Finally, truth in advertising!)
  • Vanna White’s birthday!   It was yesterday, which was why I didn’t blog yesterday.  Kudos to my running mate Albee Thayer for writing yesterday’s blog entry.

I get my news from the links on the right underneath “News.”  People who follow other sites tell me what is happening as well.  I am pretty well covered for information the mainstream media doesn’t provide me.


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A Brief Hiatus

I will be in Washington DC for the next week or two.  My father suffered a heart attack this morning.  My mother ripped some knee ligaments in her right knee when she slipped on a patch of ice.  I would ask my brothers and sisters to help, but I am an only child.

The week will be rough as I am also busy with work.  It’s also my weekend to watch Patricia.  This will be the first time I have gotten to watch her Since before Christmas (mostly because of it always seem to snow when I was supposed to pick her up, but once because there was a “Hello Kitty” meetup in New York City and Hello Kitty herself was supposed to be there.

I won’t be blogging about politics too much, but I will be blogging little tidbits in life.  I will resume blogging about politics on a regular basis when I return home.  This will be either when my parents become healthy or have driven me nuts.

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Grandma Oudda in Hospital

I am saddened to announce that my grandmother Gladys Oudda is in the hospital after breaking her hip and seperating her shoulder during a mosh pit mishap at the Villa Vista Seniors Center last night.  She was being hoisted through the crowd when an old guy who was supposed to push her along collapsed from a heart attack.  She is in serious but stable condition.  It is doubtful she will be able to take me bungee jumping tomorrow.

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A Painful Reminder

There are people who want to be like me.  While I am deeply honored, being like me is not for anybody.  Not because I do bad things, but the stress of doing things as well as I do can be stressful.  Some people have died trying to be like me, and that thought gnaws on me.

I was reminded of this tragic fact while checking the spam filter from this blog.  It was an advertisement for erectile dysfunction drugs.  Every time I see an ad for erectile dysfunction drugs, I think of the poor men who died from heart attacks because they wanted to be like me.

Don’t let electile dysfunction let you down.  Pleasing women is hard for men with erectile dysfunction, but they can lick it.

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Possibly Related (Auto Generated)

Bettie Page was a pinup model in the 1950’s.  She is now in a coma following a heart attack.  The only reason why I know this is because WordPress auto-generated that particular post to an interview I had in October.

For the most part, the auto-generated posts are related though my postings tend to look at things a little differently.  The two posts have nothing in common.

I am posting the address where you can send get-well wishes to Ms. Page.

Bettie Page
c/o CMG Worldwide
9229 West Sunset Boulevard
Suite 820
West Hollywood, CA 90069 USA

May Bettie recover soon.

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