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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.


My schedule has become a lot tighter than I thought it would be.  My business clients all want more elaborate projects as their businesses grow.  I am making more campaign speeches.  I will be giving a speech at the Kickball Hall of Fame dinner tonight in Dover, DE.  I still have my daughter staying with me for another week and a half and I can’t find a camp or anything to bring her to during the day so she is whining about nothing to do while I am working.

My posts will be limited for the rest of this month.  In addition to what I stated above, I will be going away to attend a wedding in two weeks.  There will be no posts from July 25 to 29.  Albee Thayer told me he will be mountain climbing in Florida that week and will be unable to post during my absence.

I will try to take to social media and doing a video podcast this Sunday evening.  If you would like to watch it, leave a time that is best for you to view it, and I will set it up at a time convenient for the most people.  If it’s late, I’ll probably be doing the show in my “Hello Kitty” pajamas.


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25 Random Facts

Special Thanks to Rachael for inspiring me to write this.  You can find her 25 random facts here:

  1. I ran for president of my senior class in high school.  I finished in third behind two write-in candidates in a uncontested election.
  2. My mother did not vote for me in 2008.
  3. I was the president of a local “Hello Kitty” meet-up group from 2007-2009.
  4. My radio show was nominated for an award by an Indian internet website
  5. I was once interviewed by an Pakistani news website.
  6. I tried out for “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on MTV.  (I wat cut in the first round of cuts)
  7. The dog I have now is the son of the last dog I had.
  8. Those are the only two dogs I have ever had.
  9. I spent a summer working at the Helmsley Palace as a Bellhop.
  10. I like popcorn.
  11. I once wrote a “Letter to the Editor” in crayon to show how childish one of their Op-eds was.  (It was not published.)
  12. When New Jersey governor Chris Christie was asked why he wasn’t running for President, he replied, “Ahmnodt Heare to run for President.”
  13. Before I started fighting the CineMafia, I was a manager at a movie theater.
  14. I have worked for myself since. (Landscaping 2004-2008 and Marketing Consultant (2008-Present)
  15. I can burp, “The Star-Spangled Banner” in its entirety.
  16. My first involvement in politics was Marion Barry’s mayoral campaign in 1991.
  17. I did not always like Strawberry Stroganoff
  18. I am a Vanna White supremacist.
  19. I am 1/2 Romanian, 1/2 Welsh, and 1/2 Swedish.
  20. I went to St. Thomas Francis University. (GO STFU!)
  21. I was once in a “Man on the Street” segment on Rush Limbaugh’s television show.  (He had a TV show in the 1990s.)
  22. The only blog that featured a negative opinion of my campaign is no longer running.
  23. I have never caught a fish on American soil.  (I caught a fish in Canada and two in Mexico.)
  24. I like lemon lollipops.
  25. This blog has been viewed in 131 countries.  People are looking for a leader of the free world.

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Three Years Later

For many people, Valentine’s Day means love, chocolate, and flowers.  For some it means heartache, loneliness, and massacre.  For me, it marks the birth of this blog and my decision to run for President of the United States.  What started out as a skiing trip to New Hampshire ended up being a life-changing experience.

Although I did not win the election in 2008 (I had somewhere between 7 and 25,000,000 votes depending on who you ask), the foundation has been set for the 2012 election.  The 2008 campaign technically wasn’t penniless because I had to spend $.60 for copies of a campaign poster at a library because my printer had broken.)

I have been campaigning in the United States, Canada, and Europe for the 2012 election.  The campaign has gained many supporters over the last three years.  Some of the reasons include:

  • Discussing the issues no other candidate will touch – While the other candidates were discussing health care, the economy, and other issues that don’t affect many people, I have been the only candidate bringing attention to the tainting of America’s greatest export – the American entertainment industry.
  • Trend setting – Although I was one of the last candidates to announce my candidacy for President in 2008, I was the first to campaign outside the United States and the first to suggest multiple sources of energy in one energy plan.
  • I’m just a nice guy – Many of the other candidates have been in politics for years.  I have never held office of any kind (except for a brief stint of being president of the local “Hello Kitty” Meetup group.)

There are less than 21 months until the election.  There is a lot of things I need to do to get visibility while maintaining my “Penniless Campaign”.  Since I won’t be spending any money on ads or marketing goodies like pens, yard signs, or blow-up dolls, visibility will not be easy.  Congressman Ron Paul wan the straw poll at CPAC this weekend, and even he is not getting credit deserved by Fox News.

The challenge I set for is simple:  Bring two friends (and one enemy) to this website and tell them to bring two friends (and one enemy.)  If everybody does this, then over 200,000,000 people will be here in 28 days.  If you want a different America, then elect a different candidate.  Ahmnodt Heare for America.  Ahmnodt Heare for You.

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A Brief Hiatus

I will be in Washington DC for the next week or two.  My father suffered a heart attack this morning.  My mother ripped some knee ligaments in her right knee when she slipped on a patch of ice.  I would ask my brothers and sisters to help, but I am an only child.

The week will be rough as I am also busy with work.  It’s also my weekend to watch Patricia.  This will be the first time I have gotten to watch her Since before Christmas (mostly because of it always seem to snow when I was supposed to pick her up, but once because there was a “Hello Kitty” meetup in New York City and Hello Kitty herself was supposed to be there.

I won’t be blogging about politics too much, but I will be blogging little tidbits in life.  I will resume blogging about politics on a regular basis when I return home.  This will be either when my parents become healthy or have driven me nuts.

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5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Week

Short work week
It shouldn’t be number 1, but it is.


Football Thursday through Monday
I find yelling at the TV while watching football to be a healthy alternative to using drugs or binge drinking.


Being with family
It should be number 1, but it isn’t. Not because I have any animosity forwards my family or that I am not looking forward to see them. I see them often during the year.


Watching “Black Friday” from a distance
They could be giving away everything I want to buy for Christmas and you still won’t find me near a department store, supermarket, or library during Black Friday. It’s a good day for me to know my daughter better as I only see her every other weekend.


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
I always loved watching the floats on the Thanksgiving Day Parade, especially now that there is a “Hello Kitty: float. And Santa Claus at the end of the parade made it the official start of Christmas music.


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Feel Free to Record Me in Debates

For some reason, there are incumbents who do not want to be recorded in debates.  There are even more who do not want to debate anybody who is not a Democrat nor a Republican.  I am different.  I want to be recorded in debates (as long as I know I can win the debate).    Debating is my strong point and I am willing to debate anybody.  I will debate a Republican.  I will debate a Democrat.  I will debate any third party candidate in any third party.  I will debate any independent who is not in any party.  I will even debate the guy at the local bar who knows everything about everything.  I am that confident in winning a debate.

While I am willing to be recorded in any debate, as well as anywhere on the campaign trail, there are a few places I do not wish to be recorded:

  • The bathroom – I ask that you take my word that I am no different than any other man when I am in the bathroom.
  • The bedroom – I do not wish to be videotaped if I am with any woman besides my girlfriend in the bedroom.  This is not because of any damage that a videotape could do to my campaign, but the damage it could do to the relationship with my girlfriend.
  • “Hello Kitty” Meetup Groups – While it doesn’t bother me personally, it may bother some of my fellow Meetuppers.

I am looking forward to being included in presidential debates and to be videotaped at those debates.

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Bad Karma

This has been a bad week for me.  My grandmother passed away, The Redskins lost (again), and I was removed from my position as the President of the local “Hello Kitty” fan club.  The worst part is having to find a place to use a computer.

I had spent the weekend with Daria.  She had a real chance to be my girlfriend.  Instead, she’s either crying or mad at me wondering why the power cord to my computer is so important when 95% of my business and 100% 0f my campaign are done on my computer.

We had spent the weekend at the Days Inn in Alexandria, VA. She was outside on the balcony looking at people who were having a difficult time closing their car trunk.  She decided to throw them the power cord to my computer over the balcony to one of the people trying to get the car trunk closed. The people were gone by the time I figured out what had happened.

I also lost my wrist brace.  I had used it on nights I was working alone.  I am going to be a grouch tomorrow if I don’t find that wrist brace.

The good news is tomorrow is December 1.  A new month should bring with it a new karma.

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