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London – Making Progress

I had more success this time in London than on my last visit.  I quickly got my petition permit and headed to the spot I was at last year.  There were a lot more people there this time around.  A young lady told me that this place was popular because the CCTV cameras were broken following an incident just prior to my arrival.

I had the first fifty signatures within five minutes of my arrival.  Londoners seemed excited about the opportunity to elect the leader of the free world.  I told them that I was running for president.  Many people asked how I felt about surveillance cameras and they seemed pleased that I would only permit it on the hottest women.  I received the biggest round of applause in a long time when I told them that I would cease all wiretap operations.

By early afternoon, I had over 2,000 signatures.  I was heading to the American Embassy when I saw the same snotty woman who called security on me last year.  I decided instead to keep the signatures and mail them to the State Department when i get back home.  I hope that Hillary Clinton will be more receptive than Condolezza Rice was last year.


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An Open Letter to Governor Patterson

Dear Governor Patterson,

My name is Ahmnodt Heare and I am interested in filling the senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.  I don’t want you to go through the same trauma that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is going through.  That is why I will not offer you any money or any favors for the seat.

I thank you for considering me for filling the vacancy.

Ahmnodt Heare

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Leader of the Free World

This post is intended for the non-American supporters of the campaign.

I have stated in the past that if the American president is considered the “Leader of the ‘Free World’,” then everybody in the free world should be allowed to vote for president.  I was asked what about my supporters in countries that aren’t free:

If you live in such a country, feel free to overthrow your country.  I am unable to come to your country and help in the overthrow, but I wish you all the luck in the world.  I even have a lucky penny that I will part with if you feel it will help your cause.

Once you overthrow your country, you need to write the United States State Department and demand that you be allowed to vote for the leader of the free world.  America is not the only free country.

And the address to mail the letter and the ballot:

Secretary of State Condolezza Rice (Hillary Clinton after 20  January, 2009)

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520, U.S.A

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Question for Readers of This Blog

Thank you for taking part in this poll.

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A Glaring Omission

I have noticed many names being thrown around for cabinet positions for President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet.  Names like Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, and John McCain have been mentioned for various positions.  But neither President-elect Obama nor the media pundits has mentioned Ahmnodt Heare.

It might be true that I don’t have much experience with foreign policy, banking (besides making deposits and overdraft protection), or the military, I do have a vast amount of experience in the theme of President-elect Obama’s campaign:  Change.

I would probably do things differently than the ways things are done now.  That’s because I have no idea what President Bush is doing.  I would do things differently by default.

Ahmnodt Heare being omitted from a cabinet position is bad for America and will decrease the likelihood that “change I can believe in” will occur.

I don’t

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