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How Obama has Inspired Me

Watching President-elect Obama do his tour de Force on an Amtrak has inspired me to get my message out.  I will go to New York City and take the train from Penn Station to Spring Street and spread the word about my campaign for President and the CineMafia.

I will bring quarters and give the homeless the change they need.  I will meet people on the verge of suicide and help them.  I will give hope for America.

If this becomes successful, I will spread the message in subways in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Beverly Hills.

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My 2028 Campaign (An Atrocity of Hope)

I have been running my 2008 and 2028 campaigns concurrently over the last three months.  During such time, I have gone to various maternity wards campaigning to the newborns.  I want to be the first candidate they meet.  Planting seeds for the future is important in the growth of a nation.

I will follow the progression of the 2028 voting class.  From maternity ward to day care… from school to Juvenile Hall,  I will spend the next 20 years campaigning for 2028.  The only exception to this would be if I am elected sooner.  I’m elected this year and re-elected in 2012, then it would be illegal for me to run for president in 2028.

If you love your children and don’t want them pestered by a politician, vote for me now, and I won’t have to go after your kids.

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