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A Group Endorsement

A group in New York called, “Stripped of Our Rights” has endorsed my campaign. This is the first official endorsement by a group. They are extremely disappointed with President Obama’s record on human rights and that he still has us involved in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are not happy with my wanting to war with Canada, but they have reviewed my platform thoroughly and concluded that I would be a better choice for President than either Obama or whomever the Republicans put out there.

New York based group, "Stripped of Our Rights" has endorsed Ahmnodt Heare for Predisent for the 2012 election.

I thank them for their endorsement and look forward with working with the group in the future.


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Message to Riksdag: Stop the Blonde Supremacist Movement!

The blond supremacy movement in Sweden has reached epidemic proportions.  I am calling for the Riksdag to stop suppressing the human rights of non-blonds.

Sweden used to be a country of openness and tolerance.  They will welcome you if you are gay.  They will welcome you if you are non-Caucasian.  They will welcome you regardless of your religion.  But if you are not a blond, you will be deported to Denmark before the Swedish Meatball hits the floor.

If the Riksdag does not recognize the rights of hairs of different colors soon, I will do what it takes to get Henrik Lundqvist deported back to Sweden.

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