Ahmnodt Heare for President

Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Why Ahmnodt? Why?

I heard through some sources that Fairbanks, Alaska was ripe and ready for me to campaign.  I decided to fly to Fairbanks on a whim and arrived here last night.  I have discovered what COLD really is.  It was -34F when I arrived at the airport last night.  Fortunately, it has dropped to -36F.  It is foggy out and there are ice particles in the fog.  It’s so cold here that the sun won’t rise until almost 11:00AM here.  (That’s 3PM Eastern).  The sun will set at 2:00 local time.

This would seem to be the ideal place to give my speech on how I would encourage global warming in the winter.  It’s cold here and presidential candidates rarely come to Alaska in the summer let alone winter unless they are from Alaska (like Sarah Palin),  It turns out they don’t like politicians here.  I tried telling them that I am a business who has never held office and the only reason why I am running for president is to help businesspeople like me have affordable entertainment.  They didn’t want to hear it.

I will be spending the weekend in Fairbanks.  If I am going to campaign, I will have to wonder about (With -35F temperatures, that won’t be easy.)  I didn’t bring work with me and I am finding out everything here is expensive.  I could have gotten stuff done if I stayed at home, but I will be pretty much confined to a hotel room all weekend.

Maybe the people will warm up.  I hope so because the weather won’t.


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