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Please – No More GOP Debates!

The GOP had their 20th debate last night.  One thing I noticed about many of these debates is how my health tends to deteriorate during debates.  I can’t explain it.  The same thing happened with the 2008 general debates between Senators Obama and McCain.

It would be easier to understand if I was on stage in any of these debates.  I haven’t been on stage for any debate except for the debate of Independent Presidential Candidates in 2009.  I did not get ill during that debate.

It would be easy to understand if I didn’t have a solid platform and wasn’t consistent in my beliefs (besides capital punishment which I still have no position).  But nobody has attacked my views on the issues during these debates.

It can’t be because I am live-commentating on the internet.  I have done that for other things without getting sick.  I have a talk show (it was on hiatus) that I talk live and take phone calls from whomever calls.  I do not have anybody to screen my calls, so I do not know who will call.  It could be an avid supporter, a citizen who wants to ask questions or a Howard Stern fan calling to say, “Baba Booey.”

I think what is making me sick is the questions being asked.  They keep asking about foreign policy and abortion and not questions about the issues people want to have answered: “How would you fight the Cinemafia”, “Does this pass the ‘Vanna’ test?”  “What would Joyce DeWitt do about a specified topic?” and other issues tugging at the hearts of Americans.

I was running a fever of 101.3F last night.  I felt fine before the debate and I feel fine now.  There is a debate scheduled for March 19.  This is after Super Tuesday.  If it looks like that either Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, or Vermin Supreme are going to run away with this, then it will be canceled.  If it’s still muddled after Super Tuesday, then it will be the last GOP debate.  I’ll be stocking up on Vitamin C just in case.


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Now I Think I am Back

I took a couple of days off last week due to issues with leaks in my bathroom (Thursday) and observing Vanna White’s birthday (Friday).  I went away for the weekend to recharge my batteries.  The only problem was while I was away I had gotten violently ill.  The illness had a variety of symptoms, but one at a time.

Saturday:  Fever – I did not take a temperature, but judging that I woke up to the sound of an egg frying on my chest, I am guessing it was pretty high.  The woman who was in the hotel room next to me said she thought I was hot, but I thought she meant in a different way.

Sunday morning:  Aches – The fever broke, but my muscles felt achy in a way the body aches during a fever.  I was walking like I was wearing a mummy suit (only I wasn’t going “Uhhhhhh!”)

Sunday evening:  Diarrhea – It was kicking in so often, I didn’t have the time to cook a meal.  It was frustrating as I went through all of my underwear.

Monday: Vomiting – I didn’t eat Sunday night, so I am baffled as to what I was throwing up and why there was so much of it.

Today – I felt better except for feeling weak from not eating I did quite a bit of eating while working.  I went through a box of Fruity Pebbles in just over an hour.

My bathroom is still leaking.  I will post the pictures tomorrow when I will have more time (barring illness, kidnapping, death, arrest, blackout, or 70-degree day)

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Tonight’s Show Postponed

Tonight’s show, ”The Fiasco Known as 2010″ has been postponed until Thursday at 9:00PM Eastern due to illness.  I have been sick since Sunday evening, so that would rule out “morning sickness.”  I am still in Washington and will be here until Friday morning.  I will be extremely busy next week as I make up for this week’s work on an already hectic schedule next week.  The schedule will be 8AM – Midnight next Monday and 5AM-9PM Tuesday through Saturday.

Here is the revised link for Thursday’s show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ahmnodt-heare/2010/12/31/the-fiasco-known-as-2010.

I am going back to bed.  Hopefully I will feel better later.

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Still in DC

I was supposed to return home today after spending Christmas weekend at my parents’ home in Washington, DC.  The problem wasn’t the weather or the roads.  The problem is I am sick.  I have a 101.4 degree fever and I am coughing and sneezing.  My stomach feels like an anvil was dropped on it.  I am blogging on the toilet because I have a serious case of the runs.

Aside frrom being ill, this is the best time of year to be in Washington.  All of the politicians are in their home states leaving the city to us natives.  I will blog about my feelings about DC statehood tomorrow if I can get off the can.

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I am deeply disappointed with the timing of my latest illness.  I was just gotten to the maternity ward when I started coughing.  A militant nurse stopped me and said I could not go in and see the babies.

I was heading out of the hospital when I went into a sneezing fit in front of a doctor.  The doctor called me into his office.  He took a look at me, quickly examined me, and took some blood samples.  He told me I was going to be quarantined for a couple days to make sure that what I had was not deadly and that it was not contagious.

I am typing this from my car because I am not allowed to have internet in my hospital room.  Nobody told me what I had, but whatever it is has made me lethargic.  I need to get back to the hospital and rest.

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“Meet Ahmnodt” Postponed

For the 500 people who showed up at Planet Pizza today hoping to meet me, it is with great sadness that I am unable to attend today.  I am very ill and my doctor advised me to stay home and rest today.  If I am feeling better, I will be there at 11:30AM tomorrow.  I will then hold the Telepathic Teleconference at 12:00 as originally planned.  If you are telepathetic and you are in the area, feel free to stop by and meet other supporters telepathically.

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Under the Weather

I have been sick for the last few days.  I will continue to be sick until Saturday at 3:30PM Eastern.  I don’t have the Swine Flu or H1N1 or C3PO.  I received a virus from my computer.  I was hoping for a Trojan because I ran out the other day and I don’t want unprotected cybersex.

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