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Ahmnodt Heare For America… Ahmnodt Heare For You.

Thank You for Your Continued Support

I was asked by one of my neighbors yesterday why I was running for President.  She noted the usual reasons why one would think it is not worth it to run:  No press coverage, no invitations to debates, not getting the same discounts for lap dances that politicians get, etc.  I told her that it is because there is a large segment of people who would rather see me in the White House than any Republican or Democrat.  Below are some photos posted on websites of supporters:

Browns fan from Shaker Heights, OH

How a supporter envisions what Mount Rushmore will look like in ten years after I serve my two terms.


A couple of very nice ladies preparing for Election Night and “Orgies for Abstinence VI”.

I would like to thank John for finding these photos and sharing them with the campaign.  If you have any campaign photos you like to share, feel free to send them to me and I’ll give you a shout out in a future blog entry.


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A Leader to Turn the Country Around

I believe I am the leader the country needs to turn the country around.  America wants a fiscal conservative who practices fiscal conservatism in every day life and not just preach it while spending lavishly.  America wants a leader who listens to the people and not to a party.  (I am an independent and not tied to any ideology.)

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Dug up Doing Research

Other Write-in votes 206,250 for 0.16%, (Source: http://www.dcpoliticalreport.com/members/2008/pres08.htm)

206,250 people voted for one of the people below. While it doesn’t tell how many voted for each candidate, it means that my winning Saguache County in Colorado is at least possible. If the votes were distributed evenly, that would amount to 996 votes per candidate. I received 475 votes from Saguache County (which was enough to win.)  https://ahmnodtheare.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/president-of-saguache-county-co/

Below are the recipients of the 206,250 votes.

Steve Adams (WI-KY), Thomas Wayne Allen (WI-NC) Yul L. Anderson (WI-CA), Blake Ashby (WI-MO), Warren Roderick “Bob” “Warren G.” Ashe (WI-VA), Mike Bay (WI), Citzen’s Party candidate William David Beadles (WI-CA) Carl Durantye Belle (WI-AL), William F. Berg (WI-NY), Sheila Bilyeu (WI-VA), David Michael Bishop (WI-CA), Greg Black (WI-TX), John Douglas Blyth (WI-IL), Proudican Party nominee / businessman Bruce D. Bongardt (WI), John K. Bootie (WI-PA), An American Party candidate Matthew Jay Borman (A-FL), Jacques Yves “Chief Jack” Boulerice (WI), Clark B. Braxton (WI-CA), Webster B. Brooks III (WI-CT), Jeffrey Earl Brown (WI-OH), Robert Brown (WI-WV)
1 vote, Dan Byron Canfield (WI-AR), Jerry Leon Carroll (WI-CA), Myrtle Charlotte Montomery Carlyle (WI-CA), Real Food Party candidate James “Jimmy” Harlin Carter (WI-FL), Patrick Cazneau (WI-CA), Janice Marie Chase (WI-NV), Jeanne Chebib (WI-DC), Liza Dawn Cherricks (WI-DE), Andrew Clarke (WI-MI), Richard H. Clark (WI-MD), Todd Marvin Clayton, Jr (WI-WA), Don Cordell (WI-CA), Michael James Cortney (WI-WI), Eric L. Creviston (WI-IN), Claire Elisabeth Fields “America, Peach” Cruise (WI-GA), Hugh Cort, III (WI-AL), Balance Party candidate Orion Karl Daley (WI-NY), Christopher J. Dardzinski (WI-MI), Elvena E. “Pee Wee” Lloyd-Duffie (I-IL), Michael Christopher Dutcher (WI-MI), Earnest Lee Easton (WI-NE), Michael David Elder (WI-TX), Max Englerius (WI-WA), U.S. Marijuana Party candidate Cris Ericson (WI-VT), Nick Farmer (WI-IN), Clarita “Chi Chi” Fazzari (WI-CA), Vinnie Ferrari (WI-DC), Bennie Lee “Ben” Ferguson (WI-KS), Richard Earl Fleharty (WI-OK), Quay Fortuna (WI-IA), Elizabeth Mason Frothingham (WI-KS), Ronald “John Galt Jr.” Gascon (WI-PA), attorney Ida Cecilia Garza (I-TX), Mark B. Graham (WI-FL), Peter Samuel “Pete” Grasso, Jr. (WI-VA), Jon A. Greenspon (WI-CA), United Fascist Union Party Jackson Kirk Grimes (WI-MD), American Independent Party candidate Dr. Don J. Grundmann (AI-CA), software developer Leonard F. Grundy (WI-NC), Leonard C. Habermehl (WI-KY), William Long Hale (WI-DC), Vincent S. Hamm (WI-CO), Alex Hammer (I-ME), Dennis M. Hanaghan (WI-OH), Bob W. Hargis (I-OK), Curtis Hayward (WI-TX),Ahmnodt Heare (WI), John Robert Henry (WI-PR), Cassandra Anna Hefton (WI-GA), Samuel B. Hoff (WI-DE), National Socialist Movement nominee Brian Holland (Nazi-VA), Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana (WI-MA), William Michael “Bill” Ingram (WI-WI), Independent American Party candidate Paul Jensen (IA-WI), Stanton T. Jolley (WI-CT), Arnold Matthew Jones (WI-UT), Robert Coleman Jorgensen, Jr. (WI-NC), Daniel Kingery (I-AZ), Steve Kissing (I-OH), Mark Klein (WI-CA), David A. Koch (WI-UT), William R. Koenig (WI-VA) withdrew, Thomas J. Kozee, Jr. (WI-OH), Yaphet Kotto (WI-CA), “Lou” Kujawski (R/WI-OH)
1 vote, Christopher Lafontaine (WI-VA), God Johan Josephe Lally (WI-VT), Jared Benjamin Lee (WI-UT), American New Genesis Party candidate Joseph Felix Leonaitis (WI-MS), Michael Stephen Levinson (WI-NY) Bradley K. “Brad” Lord-Leutwyler (WI-NV), farmer/rancher Ron Lowhorn (I), Steven Douglas Mabey (WI-UT), Thermodynamics Law Party candidate Doug MacDuff, Ph.D. (WI), ’06 Senate candidate Kenneth A. “Ken” Marcure (WI-MT), West Marcus (WI-AL), inventor Joseph Martyniuk (WI-IL), Mike Benjamin Martisko (WI-PA), David J. Masters (WI-NC), Charles T. Maxham (WI-NJ), James H. McCall (WI-OH), Laura Jane McCumber (WI-TX), Denise McSheffrey (WI-MA), Megally Z. Megally (WI-CA), Joseph C. Miechowicz (WI-CA), Hubert Billy Miles, Jr. (WI-MO), Tom Millican (WI-NC), Omar Jones Monahan (WI-PA), Brian J. Moran (WI-AL), Michael Moriarty (WI-AL), Phillip W. Morrow (WI-TX) James Mote (WI), Sovereign American Party candidate Howard Louis Moxham (WI-FL), George C. Nelson (WI-CA), Alfred E. Neuman (WI), Sandra Queen Noble (WI-AL), Nobody (WI), Lawrence A. Obern (WI-MD), engineer Jerry Odom (I-KS), Joe Oliva (WI-NY), Free Party nominee Silver Persinger (WI-VA), New U.S. Party Matthew D. Pinnavaia (WI-CA), Jeffrey Charles “Petro” Petkevicius (WI-LA), Deshon “Big D” Porter Sr (WI-NJ), James Prattas (WI-HI), National Union party Madison Augustine Primus (WI-NY), ’04 Gov candidate / ’06 Gov. candidate Charles G. “Bud” Railey (WI-WV), Arthur J. Regan (WI-MA), Burton Rideway (WI-FL), Ralph Marshall Robinson (WI-IN), Paul Russell Rosenberger (WI-CA), Gary Rostad (WI-CA), Gary W. Ruff (WI-TX), prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs (WI-NY), Cameron Sadovsky (WI-TX), Larry Joseph Schuetter (WI-CA), Vampire, Witches & Pagan Party Jonathon A. “The Impaler” Sharkey (WI-NJ), Christopher Popham Smith (WI), Neo-Whig Party nominee Kip Smithy (WI-NV), Michael Sugerman (WI-CA), Charles Joseph Leo Symonds III (WI-CA), Jan Arden Sykes (WI-WV), Edward Anthony Szynalski (WI-IL), Nanci Jean Taylor (WI-FL), ’96 & ’04 nominee American Party nominee Diane Beall Templin (IA-CA) Independent American Ben Thompson (WI-MN), Linda A. Tompkins (WI-FL), American Fascist Party candidate Seth Tyrssen (WI), Light Party candidate Da Vid (WI-CA), Ray P. Vinzant, Sr (WI-AZ), Hugh Wallace (WI-NC), George Washington, Jr. (WI), James Louis Dezort Watchman (WI-OR), Family Value Party Thomas “Tom” Wells (WI-FL), ’04 congressional candidate Lisa Weltman (WI-MI), Carl “Two Feathers” Whitaker (WI-TN), Jomo K. Manual Williams (WI-NY), Rick Williams (WI-TN), Kelcey Brian Wilson (WI-CA), Ruth Bryant White (WI-NV), Robert B. Winn (I-AZ), Gene Zarwell (WI-MD), General Zod (WI-TX),

I would like to thank the approximately 996 people who voted for me in 2008.  2012 promises to be a better year with better results.

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And Away I Go!

I am taking care of a lot of things and will be unable to update my happenings until November 22.  I will blog twice a day the week I come back.  The first entry will be the happenings of that day.  The second entry will be the happenings of each day of the Meeting of Independent Presidential Candidates.

I am sorry to leave people hanging for so long, but as long as they are hanging, you might want to play tetherball.

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Chris Daggett for Governor

When I first heard that Chris Daggett was running for governor, I thought it was cool that a gold medal medalist was running for governor.  I was later informed that the gymnast is Tim Daggett. The good news is that Chris Daggett is running as an Independent.  He is currently polling at 20%.  This should be a glaring message that a guy with almost no TV ads is within striking distance of both current governor Jon Corzine and the dude with a chick’s name Chris Christie.  It is sad that the best the two parties could muster up to run for governor are Corzine and Christie.

I will be spending the next week and a half campaigning for Tim Chris Daggett.  I will be explaining the importance of voting for somebody for governor and as President in 2012.  Come join me in getting independents like Chris Daggett elected in 2009.

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Why I am an Independent

People often ask me why I am running for President as an Independent and not as a Republican or a Democrat. They often claim that I do not have a chance because I do not belong to either party.

Some reasons why I am not a Republican:

  • War: Republicans love to declare war on everybody (as long as their children don’t have to fight.) I believe war should be limited to the most extreme circumstances. (Like Canada.) They also believe that a soldier should be a soldier 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I believe a soldier should only have to be a soldier from 9AM to 5PM from Monday through Friday. They should have weekends and holidays off like everybody else.
  • Surveillance: Republicans believe that we should be spying on anybody who can be considered a national threat. I think that surveillance equipment should only be used on the hottest women and only in showers and bedrooms.

Some reasons why I am not a Democrat:

  • Bailouts: Democrats believe that we should bailout existing companies who are in trouble as a way to create jobs. I believe these are the last companies to go to for job creation. I have stated in the past that bailouts are better suited to go to companies who are either financially sound or no longer exist.
  • Health Care: Democrats believe that government should play a role by helping pay for health care for people who can’t afford it. I believe the way to make health care affordable is by cutting costs. I am a proponent of prevention. The only role government should play in health care is planting apple trees everywhere. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, thus saving on trips to the doctor.

The vision for America that Democrats and Republicans have is too different for me to join either party. I believe that I am not the only person who feels this way towards both parties. This is why I am running as an Independent.

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Always Low Prices

Imagine the shock I saw when I saw this sign posted by Wal-Mart while driving:

Ahmnodt Heare for Wal-Mart also.

Ahmnodt Heare for Wal-Mart also.

I am normally notified in advance of an endorsement.  This was not the case this time around.  I haven’t been around to see if other Wal-Marts have this also of if this particular store was acting independently.

I am pleased to see my campaign continue to pick up traction in areas thought to be impossible for Independents like myself.

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