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Mitt Romney Reads My Blog!

Copyright restrictions prohibit me from posting the actual video where Mitt Romney mentions my policy about Canada, but it’s almost verbatim.  I can post the link and here it is!

Chances are that if you are a voting American and are planning to vote for someone other than me, then you will vote for a candidate who has stolen at least a portion of either my platform or my campaign strategy.  (Or in the case of Sarah Palin in 2008, my mishap.)

Voting for another candidate is like getting a lithograph of Leonardo DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” when you can get the original for the same price.  It gets frustrating when I come up with innovative policy and original campaigning ideas only to have those ideas hijacked by opportunists time and time again.

This blog serves the following purposes:

  • To keep supporters informed on the latest campaign news and happenings.
  • To allow newcomers to find out what I am all about.
  • To give people who know nothing about American politics enough information so that they know what they are talking about at family functions.
  • Something to read while downloading porno movies.

If Americans really wanted a copy, they would be voting the CEO of Xerox for President.  Americans want the original.  Americans don’t want to hope whoever they elect can get a  hold of me in moments of crisis.  Ameircans want Ahmnodt Heare for President.


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One Year to Go

On November 6, 2012, people will be going to vote for President of the United States.  I will be among many Americans who will be writing in “Ahmnodt Heare” on that day.  How many other people writing in my name depends on a number of factors:

  • The visibility of my campaign – My campaign has increased in visibility over the last year, but much more needs to be done.  2011 will forever be know as the year that the name “Ahmnodt Heare” was mentioned in the media.
  • Word of mouth from my supporters – I am not suggesting mentioning me 24 hours a day.  Even I sleep on most nights.
  • Innovation:  Finding new and creative ways to get the word out that don’t cost any money.  (I am a fiscal conservative and refuse to raise money or spend money on my campaign.)  I am open to suggestions.
  • More work on my part – I have hired two people for my business.  The next two months will be spent training them and teaching them the ropes and what my clients expect.  Once this is finished, I will limit myself to meeting the clients, finding new clients, and accounting.  This will free up more time for campaigning, debates, and drinking.
There are 365 days until the 2012 elections.  The time is now!  (Though I’m going to wait until tomorrow as I have a nasty chest cold.)

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