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Mulling Through My Mind

When taking on a campaign that is supposed to take a long period of time, there will be peaks and there will be valleys.  My campaign is currently going through a valley.  When things are good, like last week, There is much interaction with my blog, many endorsements, and a buzz on the street.

While I have had some endorsements in the past week, it otherwise seems like I am campaigning in a vacuum.  The campaign trail seems dead, even at the cemeteries.  Add these incidents to the Cinemafia attacking me, and it makes it seem like I should quit.

I will not quit.  I have gone through worse only to end up somewhere better.  The Cinemafia might be celebrating today, but they won’t be for much longer.  I have a few tricks up my sleeves.  (I would have more, but I have been wearing short-sleeved shirts.

You shouldn’t quit either.  (Unless you’re with the Cinemafia)  Life is like my campaign with valleys and peaks.  Let common sense, love, and good will be your GPS in the journey of life.


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Winners Never Quit!

My high school baseball coach said something to me the day I quit the team. He said, “You weren’t going to make the team anyway.” I came home and my father was mad at me.
“Winners never quit!” he often said. “Hank Aaron didn’t quit. John Riggins didn’t quit. Bob Marriwand quit.” My father would tell me that Bob had more talent than anybody he had ever known, but quit because he didn’t like it when things got a little tough.
I have learned not to quit because I am a winner. I won’t quit predicting NFL games. I won’t quit smoking, and I won’t quit running for President. America hates quitters!

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How Obama has Inspired Me

Watching President-elect Obama do his tour de Force on an Amtrak has inspired me to get my message out.  I will go to New York City and take the train from Penn Station to Spring Street and spread the word about my campaign for President and the CineMafia.

I will bring quarters and give the homeless the change they need.  I will meet people on the verge of suicide and help them.  I will give hope for America.

If this becomes successful, I will spread the message in subways in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and Beverly Hills.

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Never Give Up (A Lesson Learned)

When I heard that Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson wanted to give out more money (including bailing out companies that were already bailed out), I decided that there was hope after all.  I would be able to keep my tropical igloo business as well as my vaginal products for men business.  (I am offering a new line of products next week, in time for Christmas).

For a few dollars more, I will be able to open the Museum of the Pornographic Arts in Kernersville, NC.  There will even be a “hands-on” exhibit for the kids.  This is not a pure business operation and making money is not the main objective.  I feel a museum is important for the enrichment of the community.

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Rough Week – But I’m Still Running for President

“Ahmnodt 4 President” Radio Show Sunday

10:00PM Eastern – 9:00PM Central

Rising Above the Ashes

I may have had a rough week, but I am not throwing in the

towel. I will share some of the wisdom I learned from the drunk

homeless guy.

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