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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I like doing my radio shows.  I like the interaction I have with people (whether they are a supporter or a critic).  The problem is that there hasn’t been that interaction in recent shows.

There will be a show scheduled Sunday at 7PM EDT.  Whether the show goes on or not and how long the show is scheduled will depend on feedback.  The show is Open Lines – Whatever you want to talk about.


The reason why I am stating this now is because I would like to continue to do the radio show.  But if I don’t get the listeners, I will no longer do the show and will find other ways of campaigning.

So please leave a note below stating whether you will be able to listen or call in.  The call-in number is  (347)-945-7487  This number is only for the radio show while it is aired.  All other requests the phone number is 507-AHMNODT (507-246-6638)

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Post number 700

I guess this makes me a member of the “700 Club.”

If you stay with something long enough, somebody will notice.  Not only have I have had 700 posts, but almost 40,000 supporters.  I have learned a lot from blogging and interacting with readers.  I have learned that just because you blog something bad about somebody after he or she has gone to bed, doesn’t mean that the person will not find out the next day.

Since I have started blogging a year and a half ago, I have had some good moments and some bad moments.  What moment has brought you to the campaign?  Was it a particular moment here or a bad moment by another candidate?

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