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Hello Out There!

Two weeks after I moved, I am pleased to announce that I once again have internet service.  The business client that dropped me when I couldn’t get the projects I had done for him has decided to go with my ideas and has rehired me.  Governor Chris Christie mentioned me during a press conference.  he said, “Ahmnodt Heare to make friends.”  I’m glad he realizes that I am a friendly fellow.

It might take me a while to get back in the groove of blogging without the need to rush what I am trying to think.  I hope to get back in the groove by November.  This will give me two whole years to get stuff done.

I am heading off to bed.  I have a lot to do tomorrow so I can rest over the weekend.

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Now It Makes Sense

I am still without Internet service and will continue to have to post entries from WiFi hot spots for another week.  I spent last night wondering why it could take so long.  The cable company claimed that they ran of modems.  I believed that until yesterday afternoon, when I saw another cable guy with modems in the back of his truck.  After having a brief discussion with him, it seems there was never a modem shortage.

It just dawned on me now why I do not have internet service.  The internet service I wanted is coming from the cable company.  Cable companies also offer television channels (including movie channels).  Cable companies make money selling movie channels.  A large portion of my presidential campaign is fighting the movie industry.  They are playing hardball because I refuse to get a movie package for my cable.

Now that we know that the cable company is just another arm of the Cinemafia, we will see if I will have internet access next Thursday as is now scheduled.  If I do not have internet service, then my fears will have been proven correct.  I should invite people to my house next Thursday just to make sure that they don’t try any type of foul play.

The Cinemafia is weakening.  They were exposed trying to pimp out Miley Cyrus jewelery with toxic metals.  They will stop at nothing to generate revenue for themselves.  This includes pimping children and selling toxic jewelery to kids.  They make me sick.  My goal as president is to abolish the Cinemafia.  They know it and are beginning to fear my campaign.  That is why I still do not have internet.  It explains a lot of weird stuff that has happened to me lately.

The Cinemafia is among us.  I urge using caution when dealing with these people.  They have no limits.

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When it Rains, it Pours!

I was all set to have internet installed in my new condo today.  The internet installer came over to install the internet.  He placed the router right where I wanted it to go.  When it came time to test the connection, it did not work.  He went through the most extensive troubleshooting i have ever seen.  (I think he is a supporter, but he wouldn’t say.  He did say he has heard of me.)  He tested the line to the router, the line to the pole, and the router.  It turns out that the router is defective.

Franz went back to his van to try another router, but there were none in the truck.  He called his office, but the company was out-of-stock on routers and will not be getting a shipment in until next Wednesday.  My appointment is now next Thursday.

I had to find a WiFi hot spot to email a client a final project that had to be received by 5:00.   It took me a while to find a spot, but I found one.  I would soon find out that it was on a DSL modem, which takes longer to upload than cable modems.  I also somehow managed to bring my power cord.

There were a few large components to the project.  There was the PowerPoint presentation that my client would show to his client.  There were three 30-second radio ads (one of which was in Spanish), three television ads (one of which was in Spanish) and a 30-minute infomercial in HD.  It was over 200MB of files I had to send.  It took about 45 minutes and I was just about to have it sent when the battery in the laptop died.

Frantic attempts to borrow somebody else’s power cord were unsuccessful.  I had to rush home, get the power cord, head back, and upload everything again.  I arrived just before 4:00 PM and started over.  The uploading was taking a lot longer.  There were teenagers downloading videos and songs.  All I could do was wonder what Don Mills would do in this situation, but my mind drew a blank.  That would mean I am somewhere between the age of a teenager and the age of Mr. Mills.

The project was emailed 15 minutes late.  I lost that client and a client he would have set me up with had all this not occurred.

The night ended on a good note though.  I got to watch my Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets at a bar here in Vernon, NJ with a bunch of Mets fans.  Once in a while, it feels good to be the only person leaving a bar with a smile.

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