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Obama the Cinemafioso

I have come to the conclusion that President Obama is a member of the Cinemafia.  Instead of sending troops to Canada and stopping Canada and their destruction of American entertainment, President Obama is sending more troops to Afghanistan.

If President Obama had an understanding of what Canada has done to American entertainment, he would have invaded Canada soon after he was inaugurated.  Instead, he is sending more troops to Afghanistan.  The Afghans have done nothing to destroy our entertainment.  Americans tend to ignore Afghani entertainers because we as a people tend not to understand jokes told in Urdu.

Instead of planning sessions on an invasion of Canada with top officials in the Pentagon, President Obama is entertaining Martin Sheen, Barbra Streisand, and others who benefit from the CineMafia.

Your honeymoon is over President Obama.  Americans are on to what you are doing to our country and we want it stopped now!


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Lessons of Iraq

I learned that if I tell my fellow Americans that the country I invade will pay for the war, I would make that country pay for the war.  No more freeloading invadings in an Ahmnodt Heare administration.

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