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Debate Prep – Part I

The first debate is Wednesday night.  While I have yet to receive an invitation, I am sure it is because the invitation got lost in the mail.  I can’t see them omitting me considering the overwhelming success of my campaign thus far.

The hard part was getting people to act as President Obama and Mitt Romney would.  It was even harder to find someone to play the part of Jim Lehrer because none of my friends know who he is.   The part of Barack Obama is being played by my neighbor Cory.  While he is a short white guy, he was born in Kenya (his parents were missionaries.)  Finding someone to play Romney was a little harder.  We’re going with a Ken doll that Cory stole from his daughter.  The role of Jim Lehrer will be played by Nick, the know-it-all at the local bar.

We have been practicing at the bar every night for the last week.   Last night was our first run-through in front of people to see how well I would do against Obama and Romney.  I won most of the debate except for the part that President Obama won.  Mitt Romney was speechless throughout the whole debate.  The consenus was that we should get someone more animated than a Ken doll to play the part of Mitt Romney – even if the actor is more animated than Romney is.

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An Open Invitation

If you are having issues with the way President Obama is running the country, then this group is for you.  The name of the group is called, “100,000 People Who Think Ahmnodt Heare Would Have Been a better President.”  Joining the Facebook group does not mean you endorse me or that you agree with me politically*.   But it does mean that you are unhappy with the way things are in Washington and you think I would have done a better job.

I should rename the group “10,000,000 People Who Think Ahmnodt Heare Would Have Been a better President.”  I will rename the group if there is enough interest in my doing so.

If you want to send a message to Washington and the media elites, then join the group today.  Please tell your friends to join also!

* – While it doesn’t mean that, I may from time to time spin it that way in my favor.

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