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Stay Informed

This has nothing to do with my campaign, but where you get your news.  If you are getting your news from the mainstream media, you aren’t really getting any useful information for decisions you need to make in your life.  The past week, the mainstream media has concentrated pretty much exclusively on Whitney Houston, Gary Carter and Jeremy Lin.  They also mentioned that gas prices have gone up.  (If you have bought gasoline in the last month, you already knew that.

Here is some of what you missed:

  • Shenanigans in Maine might cost Mitt Romney his win in the Maine Caucuses.  It seems that the GOP in Maine has failed to record the votes in many districts where Ron Paul won a specific caucus.  This includes almost an entire county.
  • Iran has cut oil to European countries who get oil in Iran.  This will raise the demand for oil from the countries the United States gets oil from and drive up gas prices to around five dollars per gallon.
  • A man had a heart attack while eating a burger called the “Triple Bypass” at a place called the “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas.  (Finally, truth in advertising!)
  • Vanna White’s birthday!   It was yesterday, which was why I didn’t blog yesterday.  Kudos to my running mate Albee Thayer for writing yesterday’s blog entry.

I get my news from the links on the right underneath “News.”  People who follow other sites tell me what is happening as well.  I am pretty well covered for information the mainstream media doesn’t provide me.


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Observation #gopdebate

Rick Santorum is concern about freedom for gays in Iran.  So we should go to war with them.  Good thing he doesn’t think gays in America should have the right to marry or he’d be bombing us too.

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We will use sanctions against countries that violate international laws.  We have done that against North Korea for 60 years.  We have done that to Cuba for 50 years.  Iran is next:  They will soon enjoy the same success of sanctions that North Korea and Cuba’s dictators have enjoyed for years.

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What Obama Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Really Means

Many people are baffled as to why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize.  We are still in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  We are threatening war with Iran and to invade Pakistan.  I am not baffled because I know the hidden meaning.

This is the meaning:  It is the Nobel Prize committee’s way to promote “Orgies for Abstinence.”  They don’t currently have an award for Abstinence (or for Orgies), but they are showing their concept of Orgies for Abstinence by giving their Peace Prize to somebody who has headed two wars since he became President and may get our troops into more skirmishes.

I did not think I had a chance to win a Nobel Peace Prize based on my position with Canada.  My war would have been smaller than the wars we are in now.  It seems you don’t have to promote peace to win a Peace Prize.  Feel free to nominate me for the next Nobel Peace Prize.

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Radio Show Tonight!

I will be giving an update on campaign events and happenings including my recent ordeal in Iran.  I will also take calls from listeners.  The number to call is: (347) 945-7487. The show will be from 10:30PM Eastern to 11:00PM Eastern (Unless people are calling in, then it will be extended until 11:30PM Eastern.)


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Long Weekend

It was a last-minuet situation and I was called to go to Iran.  I wasn’t told of the situation until I got there, but it didn’t bother me at the time because the trip was paid for.

It was to my surprise to find out that I received 3% of the vote in Iran’s Presidential election.  I had no intention for running for president of Iran.  I had never seen supporters so enthusiastic for my campaign.

I was watching the results with my supporterswhen news broke that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had pronounced himself as the winner.  My supporters snapped in unison and began rioting in the streets of Tehran.

A police officer approached me before I could get ti my hotel room.  He cuffed me and said I was arrested for enciting a riot.  I tried to explain my story, but it was to no avail.

Ahman Mushughi, the chair of the Ahmnodt for Iran Presidential campaign saw me Sunday afternoon.  He was able to convince the police that I knew nothing about the rioting and the police released me.

I have returned home after flying from Tehran to Cairo and from Cairo to home.  I am exausted, and to be honest, I am not sure I could be President of Iran.  I have been running for “Leader of the Free World”.   From what I have been told, Iran isn’t part of the free world, so I couldn’t be President there anyway.

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Think Tanks

People seem to think that a presidential candidate needs to consult a “think tank” to look presidential.  These think tanks are supposed to solve all of the world problems.  Not only do they not solve problems, they create problems that would not have existed otherwise.  “Global Warming” never existed before think tanks came into existence.  Iran didn’t think of us as the “Great Satan” until these “think tanks” suggested sending people into Iran to control their politics.

You might be thinking I want to get rid of think tanks.  I do not.  I just want think tanks to have people in them who think.  This is why I am looking to start an online “think tank”.  We can weed out the bad stuff that don’t work like “fighting for peace” and work on solutions like disarming the Cinemafia and a sensible solution what to do with the Al Kaline sympathisers in Guatanamo Bay.

If you are interested in joining an online think tank, leave a comment below and you will be considered.  The candidates will be announced in a further blog posting.

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