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Erin Go Braghless!

I had to return early from a night of partying at Conway’s in Dublin.  I ran into a few Americans here, including the police officer who arrested me last year.  The Irish love to party, but they hate snakes.  I think I got in a bit of trouble with the Irish when they asked me about Northern Ireland.  The conversation went like this:  (My responses are in italics.)

“What do you think about Northern Ireland?”

What about Northern Ireland?”

“The British occupation of Northern Ireland?”

If the British occupy Northern Ireland, then I’m afraid I can’t campaign there.


I am running for leader of the free world, not for leader of an occupied land.”

The man dumped his ale on my head and stormed out.  I guess he was from Northern Ireland.  People he was talking with were giving me a strange look.  I figured I had to leave and start planning for the walk-a-thon in Liechtenstein tomorrow.  I will evaluate Northern Ireland tomorrow.


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My 2009 Campaign Strategy

My plan for 2009 is to target the four largest states, all of the three electoral vote states, and Rhode Island (Because it is a small state).


The four large states total 147 electoral votes.  The three-electoral votes total 24 electoral votes.  Rhode Island has 4 electoral votes.  Winning these states will give me 175 electoral votes.  This is 95 votes short of victory, but it is a start.

I will resume campaigning in England, Scotland, and Ireland in March.  I have added Australia to the campaign trail and will campaign there in April.

Some of my critics complain that foreigners can not vote for President of the United States.  I remind those critics that the President of the United States is also leader of the free world.  I will make sure their voices are heard.

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Ahmnodt More Popular than Jesus

According to a recent Wellington Poll, Ahmnodt Heare would win in a race for president against fellow Independent Jesus Romero de Caballo.

Heare – 53%

Romero de Caballo – 47%

Although Romero de Caballo holds a 57-43% edge among traditional voters, Heare has an overwhelming edge among the deceased, people living in England, Ireland, and Luxembourg, as well as those planning to vote more than once.

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