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Hair We Go

Following her Tuesday night primary win, Republican Senator candidate Carly Fiorina was being interviewed about her campaign.  She wasn’t aware that the microphone was on.  She made a snide remark about one of her opponents, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

Below is the battle of the hair:

Barbara Boxer

Carly Fiorina

Advice for Carly Fiorina (And Barbara Boxer should she decide to retaliate): In the everyday world, hairstyle is a woman’s thing. However; in the world of politics, hair is a man’s thing. Below are some examples:

Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich

John Edwards

Jim Traficant

Jim Traficant

Ahmnodt Heare

Having an obsession does pay a toll for male politicians. All of the male politicians pictured above have had their legal problems. Male politicians also pay more to maintain their hair than women do. Former Senator John Edwards once paid $800 for a haircut.

Americans want to hear more about the issues and less about the hair.  Once politicians understand this, they will become more popular than root canal without Novocaine.


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