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The Vetting Process

The vetting process is one of the most agonizing aspects of running for office.  Mitt Romney is currently undergoing the process in his pursuit of a running mate.  Barack Obama went through the process in 2008 and somehow ended up with Joe Biden.  I went through it in 2008 and again a few months ago.  I went through the traditional vetting process in 2008 and it proved to be disastrous.  I would find out after the process that candidates were either felons, Canadian, under 35, or (in the case of one of the female candidates) unwilling to put out.  I ended up running for both President and Vice-President because I couldn’t find a qualified candidate for vice-president.

My 2012 search did not start any better.  I found someone who was fully qualified but backed down once she was under the media scrutiny.  It was soon after my trip to the ashram in Oregon in 2009 that I discovered a better vetting process.  I have learned to trust my instincts and use vetting methods and decision-making that work best for me.

Albee Thayer beat out other candidates including former Team USA hockey player Dave Christian, Alice Cooper, and Betty White.

The method used when I am with friends and we're looking to determine which nudie bar will be blessed with our presence.


The Magic 8-Ball is my consulting tool when I am stumped on forming policy decisions.

I cannot speak with certainty about the other candidates, but I am well-equipped to handle the challenges I will face as President.


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Following the Leader

NOTE: This entry was written by Albee Thayer.  Ahmnodt will resume tomorrow.

Ahmnodt Heare asked me to write something today while he observes Vanna White Day (whatever that is.)  I will discuss some of the things I have learned from Ahmnodt since he named me to be his running mate.

  • Campaigning in cemeteries – I still have a lot of learning to do.  I don’t know how Ahmnodt is able to know he is getting results, but I can’t tell.  I talk to them, but I can’t tell if what I am saying is getting through.
  • Campaigning abroad – Not only have I been campaigning for the Heare and Thayer ticket, but when I am in Mexico, I have been campaigning with Independent candidate for President Noes Toiaqui.
  • Adding to the platform.  Ahmnodt asked me if there was anything I wanted to add.  I didn’t have an answer then, but I have been working on it.  It will be on voting reform and I hope to present it next week.

I watched the few Republican debates, but it’s been like getting root canal done by an auto mechanic.  I haven’t watched lately but I heard I am better off for that.  I am preparing to debate Joe Biden and whoever will be the vice-president candidates for the Republican Party and Vermin Supreme.

The campaign trail awaits me.  I’ll be out there.  Albee Thayer for America.  Albee Thayer for You.

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Something is Missing

I had it for a while last year just before the Republican and Democratic Parties’ conventions.  It was the height of my 2008 campaign.  There was a blogger saying negative things about me and my campaign.

Neither Obama’s nor McCain’s campaign were talked about much until people started saying negative things about them.   Negative coverage brings positive counter-coverage and vice versa.  Next thing you know, everybody was talking about McCain and Obama.  My coverage was almost all good, but most of the news from my campaign came from this blog.  Few people read the one negative blog entry and now the blog no longer exists.

If you are a blogger, feel free to say something negative about me, my campaign, or my platform in your blog.  If you have the time and energy, you could even dedicate an entire blog dedicated to making sure I am defeated in 2012.  Something like ahmnodthearesucks.wordpress.com would be a good start.

My mother keeps trying to call Glenn Beck’s radio show to tell him what a crackpot I am, but she can never get through.  She doesn’t like my plan for senior citizens.  She says President Obama has a good plan for seniors, but I haven’t heard it.  The only good thing he has done for senior citizens is hiring one to be vice-president.

I look forward to reading about all the bad things about me.

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