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R.I.P. Taco Bell Chihuahua

I was saddened to learn that Ginger, the Taco Bell chihuahua from the 1990s has passed away.  She was 15.  I learned of the news when my daughter Patricia came into my office crying.  I hadn’t seen her cry like this since one of her classmates told her that one of the Jonas Brothers was adopted.  (None of the brothers are adopted.  Patricia has a mean classmate.)

Ginger 1994-2009I will be dining at Pizza Hut tonight.  I am too distraught to go to Taco Bell.  I will probably go to Taco Bell next week to pay my last respects.


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Show Prep

I have been doing a lot of show prep for tonight’s radio show.  Although I expect people will call in, I cannot automatically assume that will be the case.  I have to have a show in case there is a switchboard malfunction or if people become so enamored by my presence that they become too shy to call.

Some advice about those who are shy.  Don’t be.  It is very important that you call in tonight.  The phone number is: (347)-945-7487.  There is also a “click to talk” button in the chat room.

I forgot to mention I have a chat room dedicated to my radio show.  The chat room is open starting fifteen minutes before every show.  If you go early, you will get a sneak peak on what makes the radio show so successful.  Topics before the show include, “Which Jonas Brother would you drop on Tehran or Ottawa?”  and, “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, will the Sierra Club get mad?”

Tonight’s show is all about the voters and what is what on their minds.  So if you are a voter and you have a mind, please join my show this evening at 10:00PM Eastern/ 7:00PM Pacific (11:30 Newfoundland).

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Today’s Blog Entry Cancelled Due to Snow

The desk Ahmnodt Heare likes to blog from is covered in snow.

The desk where Ahmnodt Heare likes to blog is covered in snow.

Due to inclement weather, Independent candidate for President Ahmnodt Heare will not be posting a blog entry today.  He claims that it is snowing over one inch per hour and that the computer gets covered with snow before he can finish a blog entry.

I think some people will do anything to get out of entering a blog entry.  Blogging is not always easy, but when you are running for president of the United States, you have to blog through blizzards and “Jonas Brothers Hour” tributes on the radio.

America will be expecting a blog entry tomorrow.  We don’t want to hear that you have a “tummy ache” or that the dog ate your blog.

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Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

via Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

One thing I like to do to keep my name out there for others to see is to read other blogs and reply to them.  I will do this on any subject.  The other day, I posted this thoughtful response on a Jonas Brothers fan club blog:

“I don’t think any of the Jonas Brothers are hot.  I don’t swing that way.”

When you do that often enough, people will want to know more about the person who gave the reply.

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