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Bracket Racket

March Madness is among us.  There were 68 teams in the tournament.  There will be 16 teams remaining after tomorrow.  I had a rough go filling out a bracket last year though I did pick Kentucky to win it all.  I was going to pick Kentucky to repeat, but they didn’t make the NCAA Tournament this year.  (They were knocked out in the first round of the NIT by powerhouse Robert Morris University.

I was not about to join a bracket this season, but my campaign manager (who may or may not be alive after our next meeting) insisted I join one.  He showed me has bracket.  He had Georgetown going to the Final Four.  I grew up near Georgetown University, so I decided to join his pool and do one better:  I was going to pick Georgetown to win the whole tournament.

Georgetown lost in the first round (Actually it’s considered the second round, but eight teams play in “tip-in” games with the winners of those games advancing to the round of 64.  Georgetown did not have to play in a tip-in game.  They were the number 2 seed in the South region.  Their first game was against Florida Gulf Coast.  I am not sure, but I think Florida Gulf Coast might have been in the same conference as my alma mater (St. Thomas Francis University).  Not only did Georgetown not beat Florida Gulf Coast, but it wasn’t even close.

I now have five rounds of basketball to watch with no interest either in school or in the bracket pool.  Making matters worse is that I think the groundhog saw his shadow today and said that we will have six more weeks of winter.

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Hang in There

If I learned one lesson this week thus far, is. “Don’t give up.”  Things might look bleak today, but the bleakness could be a setup for something good.  I learned other lessons, but had since forgotten what I learned.

For those who are my friend on Facebook, you have probably caught one of my many rants about how poorly I was doing in my NCAA Tournament Bracket.  My record following the first round was 23-9.  It’s not very good for a first round.  (My first round last year was 25-7 and 27-5 in 2010.  This was also the first time that one of the teams I picked to play in the Final Four lost in the first round.  (Damn you, Missouri!).  My second round was horrific as I had a worst-ever 6-10 record in the second round.  I also lost another Final Four pick as Florida State lost to Cincinnati.   I was in the 17th percentile in all of Yahoo.  Most of the people who were behind me were either people who entered but didn’t pick or people who went with totally random entries with a Harvard – Davidson championship game.

Things started turning around the following weekend.  Most of the teams that I had winning in the third round that were still around won.  I was 4-4 (Most of the 4 losses came from games played when I picked both teams who would be in that round wrong).  The best I could get for the Final Four was 2-2.  Two of the teams I picked correctly played each other and I picked the correct winner.  Another game involved a team that I predicted to lose in the fourth round and did.  The other two picks were Kansas and Kentucky.  I had moved up to the 43rd percentile.  Kentucky won their semifinal and Kansas won their semifinal.  I had correctly picked both of those (but against different opponents.)  I had predicted Kentucky would beat Kansas 78-73 (The score was only needed in tiebreaker situations and my tie was broken long before then).  Kentucky won 67-59.  I ended up in the 89th percentile.  Looking back at my bracket, I knew where I was going, but I didn’t know how to get there.  Past brackets were more like I had no idea where I was going but I knew how to get there.

Here is today’s life lesson:  Things might look bleak for you. “Bleak” is a relative term.  Chances are things are more bleak for the people around you.  If they’re better off today, it could be that they have maxed out while you can easily surpass them though you are far behind right now.

If this lesson does not apply to you, tough noogies!  This is the lesson I chose to have learned.  Chances are the lesson you need to learn is one of those I had learned only to later forget.  It couldn’t be that important a lesson so it isn’t that big of a problem.  Smile and move along.

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Nothing in Oregon Either

I didn’t receive any delegates in Kentucky or Oregon tonight.  There’s still Montana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico.  The campaign and the numbers have been stagnant since the infamous brownie incident in Louisville.

Campaigning will resume tomorrow.  I will head up to Virginia and campaign for the General Election.  I might hit Tennessee  by Knoxville late tomorrow afternoon before heading home.

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Come on Oregon!

It looks like I will not be getting any delegates from Kentucky. 😦 I am hoping that I can get some from Oregon. It doesn’t matter which party. If you’re in Oregon and you haven’t voted yet, please go vote now and write in “Ahmnodt Heare” in either the Democratic or Republican Primary.

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Hoping for the Best

I returned home yesterday and will not be campaigning until Wednesday at the earliest.  I have to find an attorney to represent me in Kentucky for my court appearance.  I will never eat another brownie as long as I live.  

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Schedule – May 17 and 18

I am trying something different this weekend.  I am staying in Lexington tonight and relaxing with some supporters.  Tomorrow and Sunday, I will travel through Kentucky where the wind takes me.  I will stop in places to talk with people about the issues.  Whether it is a customer in a diner wondering about jobs or a stripper in a dance club wondering where her next fix is going to come from, I will be there to listen.  I will give the best advice I can give and offer encouragement.

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A Day of Rest

I didn’t do too much campaigning today.  I wanted to get some rest before my next campaign trip.  I leave at 6:00 AM for Louisville and take a connecting flight to Lexington.

I will be at the following locations tomorrow:
10:00 AM – First Baptist Church (1st and Main – Lexington, KY)
11:30 AM – First Baptist Church (2nd and Main – Lexington, KY)
1:30 PM – First Baptist Church (3rd and Main – Lexington, KY)
3:00 PM – First Baptist Church (4th and Main – Lexington, KY)
4:30 PM – First Baptist Church (5th and Main – Lexington, KY)

I will post the rest of my campaign schedule for the weekend when I get to the hotel tomorrow evening.

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