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SPECIAL REPORT: The Media and Why We’re Screwed

I do not agree with Newt Gingrich on much.  (I usually refer to him as “The Newtered One.”)  Last night he reported that the media hasn’t been reporting the economy accurately and he is correct.  The example I wished he use was the correlation between jobs created and the unemployment rate.  Many economists state what approximately 120,000 jobs have to be created every month just to keep the unemployment rate stable.  Only 40,000 jobs were created in October, yet the unemployment rate dropped from 9.1% to 9%.  When something like this happens, it’s usually because more people ran out of unemployment benefits than found jobs.  This isn’t what the media told us.  They told us that the unemployment rate is dropped and that President Obama’s plan to create jobs is working.  All the unemployment rate dictates is how many people are collecting benefits.  The 80,000 people who neither found jobs nor will collect benefits this week are not unemployed according to the government.

But it gets worse.  The media has a strange way of prioritizing news stories.  Washington National’s catcher Wilson Ramos was kidnapped yesterday in Venezuela.  That’s right, kidnapped.  Whether this makes the top news story depends on what else is happening in the world.  But this should at the very least been the top sports story.  It was not.  The top sports story (according to the media) was that Joe Paterno was fired for not reporting child sex acts performed by former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky to the police.  Paterno did report it to the Athletic Director of Penn State, but it was left there.

Meanwhile, Wilson Ramos is still kidnapped and is still being held at gunpoint against his will.  I am not trying to dismiss child molestation.  I have spoken out strongly against pedophilia in the past.  Kidnapping is a serious crime, but because it’s not a sex crime like pedophilia is, Wilson Ramos isn’t going to get the press coverage that Joe Paterno is getting.

Most Americans get their news from the media.  And while many Americans can tell you that Barack Obama is running for President as well as Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Rick Perry are running for President; how many Americans can tell you that Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, and Ahmnodt Heare are also running?

A decision is best made when all the facts are presented and properly prioritized.  When given limited facts in a disarray, the decisions made are more likely to be wrong.

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The Ram Venkatararam Case

Recent Picture of Ram Venkatararam

It has been a year since Ram Venkatararam was falsely imprisoned on kidnapping charges.  The District Attorney claimed that Ram kidnapped his former employee John-Sam from a Hare Krishna compound. Below are a few facts that the court refused to hear that prove Ram Venkatararam’s innocence.

  • John-Sam never returned to the Krishna Compound. – Kidnap victims are always returned to the place from which they are kidnapped.
  • Both John-Sam and Doris (Ram’s ex-girlfriend who used to drive the Snapple truck) have been missing since Ram’s trial.  By missing, I don’t mean “kidnapped”, I mean “hiding.”  I am not sure John-Sam is with Doris by free will.
  • Ram was an outstanding citizen! –  He kept people from loitering the streets by having them loiter in the snack aisle of his store.
  • Harassment by officials was nothing new to Ram – Local officials had often tormented him with archaic rules like keeping milk refrigerated, not allowing smoking in the produce aisle, and mopping the floors.

I had gone to the local District Attorney’s office in the past by myself.  I was always turned away.  I will attempt to go again on Monday at 10:00AM, but I will need help.  Anybody interested in freeing Ram should met me in front of the old Food Here Convenience Store at 9:45 AM.

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