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Taking a Pass

I was honored to be asked to moderate a debate about global warming this weekend in Rochester, NY.  People who believe global warming exists and people who do not thought I would be the perfect moderator as I would only fight global warming when it’s hot.

I turned down this request after much deliberation and serious thought,  This debate would have given me some much-needed exposure.  The reason for the decline is simple.  Every time there is a global warming debate or lecture in the winter, it gets canceled due to snow.  If global warming is to be taken seriously, it should be held in the summer in Death Valley.

I like Rochester.  Kodak is there.  Kodak video cameras were popular in pre-Cinemafia Hollywood.  Rochester has that down-home big city feel.  Somebody from Rochester voted for me in 2008, so I know Rochester has good family values.

My one concern is being stuck in a lake-effect snowstorm.  This phenomenon is popular during the winter.  There is a lot to do in Rochester, but you can’t do too many of them when the city is digging itself from four feet of snow,  One of the activities that can’t be done is moderate a debate about global warming.  Nobody will be able to show up.

i will be honored to moderate a global warming in Rochester during the summer.   Being stuck in a snowstorm away from home sucks.  Let me be stuck at home.

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