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The Problem With Debates

There are two points I got from last night’s debate:

  • Neither Obama or Romney won last night’s debate – I did.
  • Participants rarely answer the question asked.  If asked on how they will cut spending, they will answer by explaining in excruciating detail how “Dancing Queen” by ABBA has influenced their stance on abortion.

I’m not going to talk about the first point too much, but the second point summarizes much of what is wrong with America today.  Leaders are expected to obey rules as much as the general public is.  When a moderator says “Two Minutes,” she means two minutes.  She doesn’t mean two minutes and “I just want to add,” when time expires.  The same thing happens in Congress during a floor debate.  A Representative asks to speak for two minutes but never finishes in two minutes.  He or she always asks for more time.  This is poor preparation and our leaders should be well prepared.

Another thing that grinds my gears about last night’s debate is that Obama and Romney kept interrupting each other.  A real leader has to be able to listen and save his or her comments until after the debater is finished speaking.  My Dominatrix always lets me speak before She cracks Her whip and yells, “SILENCE!”  (Not that I say much in Her presence.)

How can we expect politicians to obey the law then they can’t even follow a few simple rules?  Until they do, things will never get better.


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Ahmnodt a Role Model

People often look to others to set an example for themselves and others.  The last person that should be a role model is a politician.  I can break that trend.  People can look to me as an example (as long as they can overlook that I fathered a child out-of-wedlock and I was once arrested for possession of marijuana.)

Why most politicians are bad role models:

  • Debt – Nearly every government at every level in the world has debt.  It is one thing to have debt as an individual.  It is another thing to incur debt on behalf of a group of people.  It is despicable that this is done year in and year out.
  •  Sex Scandals – Most of the people thats get caught in sex scandals with politicians are not very attractive.  A few are downright ugly.  I pledge as President that if I ever get married, I will only cheat on my wife with the hottest women.
  • Practice What You Preach – Many politicians do not practice what they preach.  Some don’t even practice what they legislate.   They will go as far as exempting themselves from the very laws they impose on us.  I think we have enough laws (too many laws if you include the laws that protect stupid people.)
Why I am a better role model:
  • Drugs – I do not use drugs in public places or where cameras are present.
  • I don’t use a payphone while driving.
  • I have been a strong advocate of keeping predators away from children as well as lambasting producers of children’s shows for dressing girls like sex objects.

Choose your role models wisely.  Stay clear from career politicians, producers of children’s shows, and gym teachers.

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Where Was I?

I get much of my inspiration to blog from the shenanigans  in our nation’s capitol.  When everybody in Washington is on vacation, then there is not much to write about.  Congresspeople call their time off “State Work Period” but most of them won’t have to work hard as the cards are set in their favor to be re-elected.

People like to harp on President Obama for heading to Cape Cod for ten days.  But if Congress is on vacation, there isn’t much for a president to do.  There’s nothing to sign into law or to veto because nobody is around to write laws worth signing into law or vetoing.  He can make an executive order from anywhere.  It’s one of the cool things about being president.

The one thing a politician has done in the last month that I have been able to comment on was when New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino stole a portion of my platform.

I was able to do some campaigning this past weekend and will be making a campaign stop in Sterling Forest, NY near the New York Renaissance Faire.  I will not be campaigning inside the Faire grounds because the sight of men wearing tights makes me queasy.

I am back and will be around for a long time.

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One Law I'd Abolish


There are a few laws that I feel deserve equal attention. I would repeal all laws that protect stupid people. They are not an endangered species.

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Questions About Health Care

Now that the Senate version of the health care bill is now law (it passed by a 219-212 vote), I have a few questions that I hope somebody can answer for me.

  • The antics in Washington have made me sick on and off for a few years.  Is this considered a “preexisting condition” and if it is, when will I be able to get insurance for it?
  • I heard that only a portion of the health care law will be in effect right away with the rest of the law not taking effect until 2014.  Which portions take effect now?  With my luck, only the taxing part takes effect now.
  • If I adopt a dog, would I be able to get health insurance for it?
  • Now that health insurance is going to be mandated, if I don’t get health insurance and am forced to pay a fine, where do they think I am going to get the money to get to pay the fine?

Many Americans are unhappy with this as am I.  I want you to remember this in 2012 that I would have vetoed this if I was President.  The Democrats will feel the brunt of this decision in November as many legislators will soon be alongside their fellow constituents looking for work.  It will be harder for them to find work because they will have to look for employment for a company who got shafted by the new health care law.

I don’t want to make this blog entry as a free pass to vote Republican.  Those of us with a memory realize that it wasn’t too long ago that Republicans had both houses of Congress and the White House.  People voted Democrats to try to atone for Republican failures.  We need to break the vicious cycle of replacing one failure with another.  This can only be done by voting third party candidates and independents like myself.

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A Look at my Platform – Laws

Over the next couple weeks, I will take issues from my platform and further explain my positions. Today, I will discuss my views on laws.

I would repeal all laws that protect stupid people. Lord knows they’re not an endangered species.

There are many, many laws on the books here in the land we call, “The home of the Brave.”  I do not think we need every law that is currently in the books.  Some laws are detrimental to society at large.  I would say laws that protect the stupid fall under this category.

Once upon a time, there was this concept called, “Survival of the Fittest.”  The concept states that the strong survive and the weak do not.  There isn’t an election to see who gets to live between a cat and a mouse.  The cat wins and the mouse loses.  This is natural.  What is not natural is writing a law protecting the mouse.  Cats do their own thing – ask any cat owner.

The first law I would abolish is the infamous “Caution: Contents May Be Hot” that has to be imprinted on coffee cups at fast food restaurants.  If a person cannot figure out that coffee is hot, let them find out the hard way like I did.

Stupid people are not an endangered species.  It’s one thing to protect the Bald Eagle.  There are few bald eagles and they need to be protected from extinction.  Stupid people, on the other hand, are a dime-a-dozen.  Keeping stupid around and protecting them does nothing but taint the gene pool.  Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.  (That is a discussion for another day.)

I will only sign laws that protect everybody and not just those who don’t get it.

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Radio Show Highlights

I talked about my platform and recent campaigning during my first radio show.  Questions from callers included taxes, smoking bans, and the Vanna White supremacy movement.  The link to my show is below:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ahmnodt-Heare/2008/03/10/Ahmnodt-Heare-for-President-an-Introduction

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