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There is a reason for deadlines.  For me, deadlines are important because it allows one stage of something to end and the next stage to start.  For others deadlines are important because they just want the damned thing to end.

There should be a deadline when someone announces whether he or she intends to run for president.  I have already made my intentions known.  There are others who are “toying with the idea.”  Tim Pawlenty has already dropped out after his poor showing in the Iowa Straw Poll.  It’s one thing to decide to run and then contemplate if it is worth it.  (I think it’s worth it, but I am giving cover for those who have already started their campaigns.  While some of us have been campaigning (or at least decided that we are running for President), others have not decided yet.

A true leader takes charge.  A true leader doesn’t wait for Tim Pawlenty to drop out before deciding whether or not to announce.  True leaders like Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Jimmy McMillan, R. Lee Wrights, and Ahmnodt Heare have announced.  Wishy-washy people with no backbone have yet to announce.  These wusses include Rudy Giuliani, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump.

America needs a leader to get us out of these tough times.  They don’t need someone waiting to figure out a plan.  A true leader already has a plan.


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They Should Have Come to Me

It seems that aliens do not read my blog entries.  If they did, they would have avoided the mishap that almost happened in Inner Mongolia.

I am concerned about safety.  This cannot be emphasized enough:  If you know any aliens from outer space, please let them know that I am the leader they wish to speak with.  World leaders are too busy leading their constituents to be bothered with little green men.  I have the time to discuss the issues with them.

Also let them know that they should bring their spaceship to Northwestern New Jersey.  There is plenty of space for parking and no need to worry about hitting jet planes.

Let’s get interplanetary relations on the right foot.  Bring them to me and not to a leader who will want to declare was and spend billions of dollars sending our troops into outer space.

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