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A Message to My Fellow Americans

April 1, 2009

My Fellow Americans,

After much heart-wrenching soul searching, I, Ahmnodt Heare am withdrawing my name for consideration for President of the United States.  For my many supporters, I thank you for your support and I am sorry it has come to this.

I am not leaving because the odds that I get elected are small.  I am not leaving because the fight against the Cinemafia is not winable.  I am withdrawing myself from consideration to be the next President because of repeated death threats against my daughter and my parents.  I can deal with the death threats against me (152 since February, 2008) because I don’t have a life.

I am particularly distressed about an event that happened at a friend of Patricia’s birthday party.  She told me that her friend’s parents hung a donkey in effigy.  That is cruel enough in and of itself, but then they had children hitting the donkey with a broomstick.  The donkey could not handle the punishment and soon had its insides explode.  Patricia said the donkey must have eaten a lot of wrapped candy because it was still wrapped.  While I believe the donkey should have been punished for eating all the candy that was meant for the children, I do not believe that corporal punishment was necessary.  I would have just put the donkey in the time-out corner.

I would like to conclude this letter by saying to all my fellow Americans, “April Fool’s!”  It was a slow campaign day and I wasn’t invited to the G-20 conference.


Ahmnodt Heare

Independent Candidate for President

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An Open Letter to Governor Patterson

Dear Governor Patterson,

My name is Ahmnodt Heare and I am interested in filling the senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.  I don’t want you to go through the same trauma that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is going through.  That is why I will not offer you any money or any favors for the seat.

I thank you for considering me for filling the vacancy.

Ahmnodt Heare

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An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

April 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Colbert,

I am a big fan of your show.  I appreciate the good works you have done for our country and for spreading truthliness everywhere you go.  I have a huge favor to ask you.  I am in dire need of the “Colbert Bump!”

My campaign has hit a snag.  I am not doing well in polls I do not personally conduct.  I might be doing better if I was mentioned in the other polls.  I am having a lot of fun campaigning, but I want to win, not just have fun.

If elected president, I promise not to hold any press conferences during your show.  If America is in trouble, I will remind them to watch “The Colbert Report” to cheer them up until I give my press conference.

 Thank you for taking the time for reading this letter.  God bless Stephen Colbert and the United States of America!


Ahmnodt Heare

Candidate for President

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