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Hate Mail

I received this message from an Obama supporter following my show last night:

              you suck

You’re nothing. You suck at life, and are not fit to run for president. If you somehow beat me, that will be the worst this to happen in America’s history. . Get used to a regular caller.. HA!

Let’s look at the poor grammar.  America has spent billions on education and people still write poor sentences.  The irony was that “barackobamafor2012” called my show last night.  The topic of my show was about education.  My conclusion is that “barackobamafor2012” does not want to be educated and will lash out at anybody who dares to educate him.

Expect the rhetoric from supporters of other candidates to get worse as we get closer to Election Day.  I will take the high road.  I am taking the high road because I am confident in my platform and that more people will support me every day.

Ignore the naysayers and the negativity.  The Ahmnodt Heare campaign will be victorious come November 2012.  We will have the last laugh.

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