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Organization Skills

It is vital for a president to have solid organization skills.  People have said that my organizational skills are unrivaled.  My closet and my dresser are arranged by Dewey Decimal System.

My closet is arranged as follows:

  • My old Vanna White Supremacist suit (061 Organizations in North America) – It’s the suit I wore when I went to Vanna White supremacist meetings.
  • My suit when I go to museums (069 Museum science) – I only wear it once or twice a year as campaigning has made my trips to the museum less frequent.
  • My coffee shop suit (142 Critical philosophy) – I do my philosophical thinking in coffee shops.
  • The suit I wear on Vanna White’s birthday (235 Spiritual beings) – Not to be confused with most people consider to be a birthday suit.
  • My campaigning suits (324 The political process) – I have a few of these and these are in random order within the group.
  • My Friday Night Payday clothes (331 Labor economics)

Organization is important.  The more organized you are, the less time you need looking for stuff and the more time you can devote to important things like debating who the best Ninja Turtle is.

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Who Obama Should Have Picked to Head the CIA

Many people thought it should be me, but I am not very good at being a spy.  I couldn’t get the hotties like James Bond.  I would have recommended Darren Rodriguez.

You might be wondering who Darren Rodriguez is.  He runs a private detective agency somewhere in Virginia.  He was the guy that caught me at the nudie bar when I was seeing my daughter Patricia’s mother.  He also caught me in the Food Lion in the produce section.  And in the Fairfax library in the children’s section with the library intern.  I did not know any of this until Patricia’s mother took me to the cleaners in court.

Darren Rodriguez is not only stealth, but once he knows where you are, he is zoned in on you like a tick on a dog.  This is the type of person we need heading the CIA.

I just don’t see these qualities in Leon Panetta.  I can see Panetta making the spies wear name tags so he knows who the spies are.  I can see him walking up to a spy dining with the enemy as part of a mission and saying, “Make sure you keep an eye on him at all times!” aloud so the enemy hears it.

I wish President-elect Obama  would have picked Darren Rodriguez.  This would get Rodriguez off my back be a great addition to Obama’s staff.

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