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My Department of Motor Vehicles Plan

This plan might be a bit controversial,and may take quite a bit of money to implement, but it will make the roads safer and drive down the price of auto insurance.  My plan is similar to what teachers use in schools to make sure students know the material covered in class.  I will be instituting “pop quizzes” in driving.  This is how it will work:

  • A signal will go off in the car telling you that you are being quizzed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You will be judged on driving safety over a three minute span.
  • If you pass, a green light will appear on the dashboard and you may continue driving.  The insurance company will be notified and you will save a certain percentage off of your next insurance bill.
  • If you fail, a red light will appear on the dashboard.  You will have one minute to pull over in a safe area before the car automatically shuts itself off.  A police officer will be dispatched to give you a ticket and to inform you that your license is revoked and that you will have to apply for your permit and license again.

This plan will get many of the bad drivers off the road and will make the roads safer.


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