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Stay Informed

This has nothing to do with my campaign, but where you get your news.  If you are getting your news from the mainstream media, you aren’t really getting any useful information for decisions you need to make in your life.  The past week, the mainstream media has concentrated pretty much exclusively on Whitney Houston, Gary Carter and Jeremy Lin.  They also mentioned that gas prices have gone up.  (If you have bought gasoline in the last month, you already knew that.

Here is some of what you missed:

  • Shenanigans in Maine might cost Mitt Romney his win in the Maine Caucuses.  It seems that the GOP in Maine has failed to record the votes in many districts where Ron Paul won a specific caucus.  This includes almost an entire county.
  • Iran has cut oil to European countries who get oil in Iran.  This will raise the demand for oil from the countries the United States gets oil from and drive up gas prices to around five dollars per gallon.
  • A man had a heart attack while eating a burger called the “Triple Bypass” at a place called the “Heart Attack Grill” in Las Vegas.  (Finally, truth in advertising!)
  • Vanna White’s birthday!   It was yesterday, which was why I didn’t blog yesterday.  Kudos to my running mate Albee Thayer for writing yesterday’s blog entry.

I get my news from the links on the right underneath “News.”  People who follow other sites tell me what is happening as well.  I am pretty well covered for information the mainstream media doesn’t provide me.


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Campaign Polls

This is something I will do a couple times a year.  I am going to ask a few poll questions so my campaign can keep a pulse on the heartbeat of America.  The campaign will not be collecting any personal information in the poll.  You may send your personal information (Name, address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, and social security number) to ahmnodtheare-at-politician-dot-com.


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Making Sense of Things

For those of you who wish to blog but don’t know which blog service to use, I recommend WordPress.  I find that WordPress blogs get better placing in search engines.  The tools are easier to use than on Blogger and WordPress gives detailed information on how people found your blog, which page (or pages) they are reading, and even the links they click to leave your blog.

I like to click the links that brought people to my blog.  It is interesting to see where the link to my blog is on the sites where people are coming from.  The problem is that lately the links WordPress says brings people to my site don’t have links to my site.  For example, two people were brought to my site by http://imesothelioma.net/mesothelioma/, but there is no link to this blog anywhere on that page.

If you are new to this blog, I welcome you with open arms.  Don’t worry, I used deodorant today.  Please let me know how you found this blog (and this entry if you were brought specifically to this entry.)


Another thing that isn’t making any sense is that the page I said was getting a bunch of hits with the old blog format I was using is getting even more hits now though there isn’t anything to lead people to it mentioned in my blog stats.

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Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

via Ahmnodt Heare – Google Search

One thing I like to do to keep my name out there for others to see is to read other blogs and reply to them.  I will do this on any subject.  The other day, I posted this thoughtful response on a Jonas Brothers fan club blog:

“I don’t think any of the Jonas Brothers are hot.  I don’t swing that way.”

When you do that often enough, people will want to know more about the person who gave the reply.

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What Were You Thinking?

This is what you have been thinking since the day after Election Day:


Continue reading

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How to Bring Traffic to Your Blog

The best thing you can do to bring people to your blog is to write every day.  If you don’t write something, people won’t come to see what you haven’t written.

If you write about something that isn’t very popular, then write an entry about something popular and how it relates to the boring crap you usually write about.

Read other people’s blogs and read a comment.  Don’t type, “I have naked pictures of Nancy Pelosi” and link it to your site because people do not like spam.  Pick something out of the article and give your opinion.  Many blog reply areas have a section where you type in your name and website.  If you leave a thoughtful response, people will click your name and go to your site.

Use keywords – but make sure the keywords are relevant to your entry.  If you use “sex” as a keyword, make sure your blog is about sex and not about a librarian in Mansfield, Ohio.  You can use up to seven keywords per entry.  If you use more, then your keywords will have about as much value as a fiat dollar.

Exchange links – If you and another blogger like each other’s blogs, then post his or her link on your website and have him or her do the same.  Playboy’s blog does not exchange links.  (Not that I have ever been to their blog.)

Trackbacks – Limit using these to those relevant to both your blog and the blog you are referring to.  http://www.bivingsreport.com/2006/how-to-build-a-better-political-campaign-website/

Find marketing blog services – Some will do it for free.  Just make sure you follow the instructions.  If you have problems, then ask your child to do it.  They know more about computers than you do.

I hope you find the advice useful.  And don’t forget to vote for me for President on November 6, 2012.


Ahmnodt Heare

Independent Write-In Candidate for President

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Who Links to Heare

Who links to me?

The link above shows the websites that have a link to this website.

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