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Is Anybody Blogging Any More?

I have noticed fewer people blogging over the last month.  I use a WordPress tool called “BlogSurfer” which shows the most recent entries of my favorite blogs.  The people who are blogging are submitting fewer entries.  Two bloggers I had followed have stopped blogging.  First was “Peasant Tim’s Great Depression News Service.”  It was the daily news as told by an unemployed farm peasant living in Michigan.

The most recent victim was the “Food Here Convenience Store“.  It was ran by Ram Venkatararam.  Ram gave updates on the ups and downs of running a convenience store.  I learned a lot from Ram.  I learned the fine art of aging dairy products and that rat droppings on lettuce was “protein enhancement”.

Could it be that Tim and Ram now have lives?  Nah…  I think there is a conspiracy.  There are other blogs that I read, but even they aren’t blogging as often.  Gryphyons Aerie is in a bind.  In order for him to keep his job, he has to do it without pay.  Escapism might have escaped from the blogging world.  Her entries are fewer and farther between.  Madame Librarian must have been told to “Shhhhh!” by the head librarian.  Hear librarians are mean.  Future Update seems to be stuck in 2029.  Canadian Fermentation is in hiatus until his computer thaws out in his igloo.

I blog because I believe in blogging and that blogging is currently the best medium to get a point across.  I think that blogs will be around for a while (barring pending legislation) and that bloggers will be around as long as there are people around to read blogs.


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