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Returning the Favor

In the past, I had pointed out ways that President Obama had stolen my campaign ideas and strategy.  I have decided to return the favor.  It seems that Obama stole his, “Yes we can” line from Bob the Builder.  I have decided to return the favor.  I will not use the “Yes we can” line because I am not so sure we can.  We haven’t yet.

I will greet people I meet campaigning with “What’s up, Doc.”  While Bob the Builder is popular with children, many Americans grew up watching Bugs Bunny.  Bugs also eats carrots, which would be good once I incorporate carrots into my health care plan.

When I speak to a group of lawyers, I could break out my Butthead quotebook and say, “You said, ‘Penal… huh-uh-huh…huh-uh-huh’.”  Lawyers and Butthead go great together (no offense, Beavis.)

I have been trying to look for a book called, “Mime over Matter: Marcel Marceau’s Book of Quotes.”  The book is not available near me.  I am sure Marceau had plenty to say before his untimely passing.

I’ll probably spend most of the day hanging out at the street corner with Dave the homeless guy.  The economy has hit him hard.  People aren’t throwing change at his face as much as they did when the recession started.  I am going to help him look for a job.


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