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Two Weeks to Go

Time is running out.  Make your reservations today for the “Orgies for Abstinence” events taking place across America on November 3.  I will be attending a couple events including the one at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  Michael Bloomberg is hosting his mayoral campaign party there and we are hoping that he and his friends will join us.

Afterwards, I will be attending an event at the Days Inn in McAfee, NJ.  I am in the works for a traveling “Orgies for Abstinence” van to shuttle people from New York to McAfee.


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My Neighborhood

I mentioned yesterday that I am on a staycation and I am spending the rest of the holiday weekend in my neighborhood.  I just found out that I live next to Mountain Creek Water Park.  I will spend a day there if it ever stops raining and starts warming up.

Dinner was at the McAfee Diner and Deli on Route 94.  I overheard the customer in the table behind me explain to his dinner companion about “cap and trade”.  He said that government had no right telling businesses how to run their businesses.  I told him that I agree and told him about the woes of my friend Darrell Watkins.  The government shut down his portable pharmaceutical company because they did not see the medicinal benefits of meth, crack cocaine, or heroin.  They also said Darrell didn’t have a license to sell drugs.  The man gave me a strange look.

I will spend today at the Crystal Springs Spa.  It will probably be crowded with the holiday weekend, but I will feel up to being in public after a nice massage.

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