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Health Records Released

Presidential candidates often release their health records to assure voters that they are healthy enough to serve office.  Voters know that four years is a long time and the last thing a voter wants is a president who is not healthy enough to serve for four years.  Americans want a vice-president to do nothing and not have to serve as president.  I may not always been in perfect health, but I am in good health now and am capable of serving as president.


Paitent: Ahmnodt Heare

Date:                                                            Ailment:

10/27/05                                                    Simple Chronic Halitosis

4/29/06                                                       Ring-Around-the-Collar

5/11/06                                                       Penile Discharge

5/18/06                                                       Vaginal Discharge

4/3/07                                                         Diagnosed with ADHD

12/11/08                                                     Simple Chronic Halitosis

4/1/09                                                         Complex Chronic Halitosis

12/2/09                                                      Menstural cramps

11/19/10                                                    Hiccups

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