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I thought about hanging it up.  After three years of campaigning, I thought I would have made some headway by now.  The talking heads on the news channels should be talking about me now.

There is a saying that “The message is more important than the messenger.”  When I first heard that saying, I thought the messenger said it so he wouldn’t get beat up.  But it really means that there is a right and a wrong, regardless of who is right and who is wrong.

Example:  If I said the sky is blue, then it is safe to assume the sky is blue.  If Barack Obama says the sky is blue, you shouldn’t automatically dismiss the color of the sky just because the person who said it is a politician.

This is where I try to make sense of things.  It doesn’t matter who runs on my platform as long as somebody does.  It’s just that right now I am most qualified to run on my platform because I know what I am talking about.

The Godfather of the Cinemafia has a new face:

Former US Senator Chris Dodd has been chosen by the Motion Picture Association of America to run the Cinemafia.

Former Senator Dodd will be paid $1.5 million per year to run the Cinemafia machine.  Now you know why movies are so expensive.  His duties will include running the Cinemafia, making the Cinemafia profitable, and ruining the lives of child actors like Miley Cyrus.

Now that the Cinemafia has a face, it will be easier to fight.  The easier the fight, the easier the victory.  Once we win this fight, the cost of going to the movies will become more affordable and child actors will no longer grow up to be train wrecks.


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Another Politician Follows My Lead

I made a stop on Chew Street in Allentown, PA to meet an old college buddy between campaign stops.  There is a cemetery across the street from his apartment.  A middle-aged man was talking to a tombstone.  He walked to the next tombstone and talked to that one.  My curiosity was getting to me.

“I am asking for your vote.” he said to the tombstone .   He was campaigning in the cemetery, something I started doing this two years ago as a way to siphon votes from Democrats.  He had a good message, but he was going about it all wrong.  Below is the advice I gave him (which you should use when campaigning for me in cemeteries)

  • Talk to the burial spot – not to the tombstone.  Many newbies make this mistake and it’s often costly.  The deceased will think you are talking to somebody else or they will think you are crazy for talking to a piece of granite.
  • Get low – They are under ground and have a hard time hearing you with all of that dirt on top of them.  They also can’t get their head up any higher.
  • Listen to them – This can’t be emphasized enough.  Many loved ones make the mistake of talking but not listening.  Don’t be a loved one – listen!

The fellow, who is running for Allentown City Council as an independent, was a quick learner.  From what I was able to hear from the deceased, they were happy with him and many have intended to vote for him.

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You Have Spoken

The results are in from the latest poll.  It was a tie between allowing my fellow anti-Cinemafia posters to spam this blog and not allowing any spammers at all.  I have decided to let the people speak.  This means not allowing my vote to count.

Because my vote does not count, there will be no spam approved, not even from the friendly folks fighting the Cinemafia.  While I would have liked to approve these spam messages, this is your website.  (I’m just the guy who does all of the blogging, editing, promoting, etc.)

Some other candidates hear you and want you to shut up.  Others do not hear you at all.  Not only do I hear you, but I encourage you to speak your mind.  How can a president do the people’s work if he (or she) doesn’t know the work the people want done?

While my critics might see this as a victory for the Cinemafia, there are many wars yet to fight.  Together, we will defeat the Cinemafia.

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Attention App Developers

It is time to take the campaign to the next level.  Thus far the campaign has been available in blog, podcast, telepathic, and social networking forms.  The next step is logical – a phone app.  I would like to learn how to write code for phone apps.  I have some programming experience (COBOL, BASIC, HTML).

There are a few reasons why I want to learn the programming:

  • I am a fiscal conservative – Because i am a fiscal conservative, I cannot spend money to pay somebody to create the app for me.
  • Control of content – It is not only important that the message gets out.  The presentation is just as important as the message itself.  The look, frequency of updates, glitches, and ease of use are also important.  By programming it myself, I will be showing that I am in touch with average Americans.
  • Business – Making apps can be a marketing tool I could use for my business’s clients.
  • Classified – Sjkdjvn sdkjkj wasao kjkjcssasx.

If you know how to make phone apps for Iphone, Android, Blackberry, or Can-to-Can, are willing to teach me how to make apps, and live near northwestern New Jersey, please reach me through any method mentioned in my “Contact” tab.

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Getting the Word Out

Once in a while I will surf the internet and listen to political podcasts.  Last night I listened to a show by Liberalpro.  I listen to hosts I agree with and also hosts whom I do not agree.

What attracted me to this show last night wasn’t as much the politics as much as trying to find a way to get out the message that things in Washington are not working.

While things like BlogTalk Radio and blogging get the message out, it doesn’t reach nearly as many people as television.  (By television, I mean an established network as opposed to community cable, which best programming is often bad comedy.)

Americans who get it are scared about 2012.  Unless things change, we will either reelect Barack Obama or elect Sarah Palin.  Nobody in their right mind likes either scenario.  This is why it is important that you tell everybody you know about my campaign.  And when I say everybody, I am including the people you don’t like.  If you don’t tell them, they’ll just vote for Obama or Palin and you’ll like them even less.

There will be a ton of Americans waking up angry on November 7, 2012 unless you get the word out.  Save America!  Save yourself!

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Message Spreading Around the World

My message isn’t just spreading all over the country, it’s spreading around the world.

Ahmnodt Around the World

Ahmnodt Around the World

The blue stars is where people viewing the website come from.  The red stars show where $1000 contributions come from.  People in Canada, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, and Australia have had at least three people access the site in the last three days.  They want their voices heard in electing the leader of the free world. With a little help, we can get this done.

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On to Mississippi!

The cable news networks are going to regret not paying more attention to Mississippi sooner.  Volunteers will participate in our “Midnight Madness” campaign tonight.  Starting at Midnight and lasting all night, the campaign’s volunteers will go door-to-door spreading the message of Ahmnodt Heare.  Mississippians will know “Ahmnodt Heare” all night long!

We will be doing “Midnight Madness” events every night in Pennsylvania starting on Wednesday.

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