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Napoleon Bloombergparte

For those of you wandering what “Napoleon Bloombergparte” is all about, it’s a reference to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he goes into Napoleon Bonaparte mode.  They both have a lot in common.  They are both short men with power who try to overcome their shortness by showing off their power more than they should.  They both attack others (Napoleon attacked Europe while Bloomberg attacks the lifestyles of New Yorkers he doesn’t like.

Bloomberg’s attack on New Yorkers have included what they eat (trans-fat), drink (large sodas), and smoke (cigarettes).  Just when there wasn’t any enemies left to attack, Bloombergparte has found a new enemy that gets under his crawl.  Those evil, diabolical people who wear earphones when listening to their MP3 players must be stopped!

Mayor Bloomberg claims that people listen to their MP3 players too loud.  He is saying that listening to music too loud can make people deaf.  I have worn earphones in the past in New York City.  The reason why people wear earphones loud is because New York City is a very loud city (especially south of Central Park in Manhattan).  There are a ton of cars, buses, and trucks roaming the streets.  There seems to be some kind of siren echoing the streets every minute.  Subway stations aren’t any better with the noise the trains make as they approach the train stations.

Michael Bloomberg’s act is getting old.  Michael Bloomberg is getting old.  Don’t elect anybody who promises more of the same and get off of Bloomberg’s lawn.


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Staten Island Chuck

I don’t know Staten Island Chuck’s lifetime record is in Groundhog Day predictions, but for 2012, he beat Punxsutawney Phil 1-0.  While Phil had predicted six more weeks of winter, Chuck predicted an early spring.  February was the warmest month on record in the northeastern US and March looks like it will be the warmest March ever.

Those in the northeast will be happy to know that I will not be wasting my time going to Punxsutawney next February.  I will instead go to Staten Island.  It is a much shorter drive and it will be easier to get access to Chuck to spray pepper his eyes so he won’t see his shadow.  This will allow another early spring for next year.

Thank you, Staten Island Chuck from the entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team for making this the nicest winter ever.  I promise I won’t go overboard with the pepper spray next Groundhog Day and I’ll chuck the wood you would have wanted to chuck while you are recovering.

Choosing Staten Island over Punxsutawney is not without its side effects.  I will have to pay to cross the Goethals Bridge.  (The toll to cross the bridge is $12.)  I will have to pick up a pair of earplugs to drown out Michael Bloomberg’s whiny voice.  And because the Groundhog Day thingie is done in the morning, I will have to fight rush hour traffic pretty much the entire route.  (70 miles or at least 1 1/2 hours of rush-hour traffic)

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Follow Me on #Facebook and #Twitter!

I know I have sent out the invitation before, but it’s that time again.  The last time I invited people to check out my Twitter account was soon after I opened my Twitter account.  I knew nothing about mentions and hashmarks or any of that crap.  Back then my tweets were infrequent and limited to quick notes and the occasional link posting.

I have since learned to be interactive.  Interactivity is important because people want to interact.  You don’t want a dictator like Qadaffi, Mubarak, or Bloomberg.  You want a leader who is listening to you.  You also want to know that you are being listened to.

There are various media which you can follow me;

Telepathy (I am the ONLY residential candidate who offers communicating through telepathy!)




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Campaigning in Maternity Wards

I will be campaigning in maternity wards in hospitals in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas the next two weekends.  The reason why I am choosing maternity wards is twofold: To better understand the needs of parents for the 2012 election and to plant seeds in newborns for the 2028 election.  It is the latter that compels me to spend the next two weekends at maternity wards.

Election Day 2028 will fall on November 7.  In order to be eligible to vote for the 2028 election, the voter must be born by November 7, 2010.  This is only a few weeks away.  Any campaigning in maternity wards after November 7 will be geared towards the 2032 elections (for the newborns).

My biggest fear in campaigning in maternity wards (especially to the newborns) is that I might be doing this in vain.  If I serve two terms between now and 2028, they will not have an opportunity to vote for me.  Unlike Michael Bloomberg, I do not have a City Council that can overturn term limits.  I can’t even ask Congress to do it.  If I run for a third term, it would require overturning the Twentieth Amendment of the Constitution.  I only want to be president for eight years at the most.  After serving as President, I can have a long and lucrative career as an ex-president.

I will be in full campaign mode the next two weekends as I kiss hands and shake babies.  I will be a candidate for the mainstream candidates to reckon with.

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Election Day Aftermath

People have been discussing whether Republicans or Democrats benefited from Tuesday’s elections.  There is no argument that we independents lost a couple of golden opportunities.  Some will argue that Michael Bloomberg is an independent, but he ran on the Republican ticket.  It also cost him $100 million to win a close race.  If Billy Talen had $100 million, he’d be Mayor-Elect right now.

Doug Hoffman was the best chance for a third party member or independent to win a House election since Bernie Sanders represented Vermont in the House of Representatives.  He ran as a Conservative Party candidate after the New York Republican leaders gave the Republican candidacy to Dede Scozzafava, who was more liberal than Democratic candidate Bill Owens.  She siphoned conservative votes from Hoffman so that Owens would win.  It is more important for Democrats and Republicans to make sure that Democrats and Republicans get elected than it is for third party candidates with similar views to get elected.

Chris Daggett was polling at 20% when the first polls came out.  He became a victim of the “I like that guy, but he doesn’t have a chance” mentality that voters often get.

Some of you might be wondering what happened to the “Orgies for Abstinence” event.  The New York City event fell apart as participants were unable to book a room due to Mayor Bloomberg’s supporters.  The New Jersey was more successful.  While I did not fully participate in the orgy there, the women attending vowed to abstain from me for years to come.

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Two Weeks to Go

Time is running out.  Make your reservations today for the “Orgies for Abstinence” events taking place across America on November 3.  I will be attending a couple events including the one at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  Michael Bloomberg is hosting his mayoral campaign party there and we are hoping that he and his friends will join us.

Afterwards, I will be attending an event at the Days Inn in McAfee, NJ.  I am in the works for a traveling “Orgies for Abstinence” van to shuttle people from New York to McAfee.

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Reverend Billy Talen for NYC Mayor

This is the first time I have publicly endorsed a candidate other than myself.  Please watch the video below before reading the rest of this post.

While The Good Reverend and I are fighting different battles, many of the battles are based on the same principle.  That principle is that corporations take too much of our money.  Whether it’s directly (like consumerism) or indirectly (the closing of America’s “Mom-and-Pop” stores), or the Cinemafia, they have had their hands in your cookie jar for too long.  They are your cookies, and Reverend Billy will make sure you get to keep your cookies.

Vote for Reverend Billy Talen of the Green Party for Mayor on November 3.

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