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The Problem With Debates

There are two points I got from last night’s debate:

  • Neither Obama or Romney won last night’s debate – I did.
  • Participants rarely answer the question asked.  If asked on how they will cut spending, they will answer by explaining in excruciating detail how “Dancing Queen” by ABBA has influenced their stance on abortion.

I’m not going to talk about the first point too much, but the second point summarizes much of what is wrong with America today.  Leaders are expected to obey rules as much as the general public is.  When a moderator says “Two Minutes,” she means two minutes.  She doesn’t mean two minutes and “I just want to add,” when time expires.  The same thing happens in Congress during a floor debate.  A Representative asks to speak for two minutes but never finishes in two minutes.  He or she always asks for more time.  This is poor preparation and our leaders should be well prepared.

Another thing that grinds my gears about last night’s debate is that Obama and Romney kept interrupting each other.  A real leader has to be able to listen and save his or her comments until after the debater is finished speaking.  My Dominatrix always lets me speak before She cracks Her whip and yells, “SILENCE!”  (Not that I say much in Her presence.)

How can we expect politicians to obey the law then they can’t even follow a few simple rules?  Until they do, things will never get better.


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