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When News was News

I had been hoping there would be a ton of political news happening for me to comment on.  Not only are they not talking much about politics on the network news shows, there hasn’t been much political talk on the political talk news stations.  What have they concired to be news?

  • The Royal Wedding – It seems the news networks never received the memo that the United States declared independence from Britain 235 years ago.  AT least Americans weren’t footed with the tax bill to pay for the wedding they weren’t invited to.
  • Osama bin Laden – US Navy Seals shot and killed a man who died in 2001.
  • Casey Anthony – the story the news stations like to go to when there is political stuff happening that they don’t wish to discuss.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver separating – This story is about as relevant as the cat stuck in the tree until the fire department rescued it.

Back in the day, the only thing that was reported in the news was the news (and sports and weather,)  The news usually told stories that were relevant to one’s life.I think Don Mills would agree with me.  Today’s news (especially the Morning and Mid-Day shows) contain such hard-hitting stories as fashion tips and Hollywood gossip.

We need more news happening out of Washington.  The Congresscritters and Obama are there.  I am sure what they are doing is more important than fashion tips or Hollywood gossip.

If you are a news producer, I advise you to head to Capitol Hill and find out what Congress plans to do to us before they get to do it to us.

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Morning Show Blitz

I hope I didn’t get anybody’s hopes up by suggesting that I was going to be interviewed on the morning shows.  None of the morning news shows have planned on interviewing me.  But the morning shows do provide an opportunity for us to get the campaign out.

The morning shows on the three oldest broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) all have outdoor segments.  The shows’ hosts are often outside during at least part of the show.  George Stephanopolus, Harry Smith, and Matt Lauer have all interviewed presidential candidates before.  I just need a way to get their attention without disrupting their shows.

Here is my plan:  Sign Blitz.  Have three or four signs at every show the week of August 30-September 3.  A sign at each corner and either a sign in the middle or two signs equidistant to both corners and each other.  I’d like to get to the outdoor sets at least a half-hour before the shows every morning that week.   We will all meet at the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 6:00AM and go into further details as to who will be where on each day.  I will try to attend each show each day.  The schedule I have is tentative depending on the success of the signs and if any of the anchors (or Al Roker) wish to interview me.  Below are the signs I plan on using for the shows:

I don’t know if we should use the white signs, the black signs, or both.  Notice that the web address for this website are in the middle of the sign.  I am thinking of having some of the signs (one at each show) contain the URL  of the radio show.  I will be discussing the morning show blitz in greater detail on my radio show Tuesday night.

Below is the map of the St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.  It’s on 5th Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets.  It’s near Rockefeller Center, where “Today” is filmed.  “Good Morning America” and “CBS Early Show” are both within ten blocks and are a relatively quick walk.

If you have any comments about the color of the sign or the content (URL, candidate, etc.) then feel free to leave a comment below.

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