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Back On the Air

For the first time in almost a month, I will be on the air.  Since it has been a long time since I took to the airwaves and there will be much to discuss, I will be on for an hour.  I will not be using the chat that BlogTalk Radio uses as it uses too much of my computer’s resources and people have to be a member in order to chat.  The chat will be hosted on Facebook on my page.

Tonight’s show topics include the “Ground Zero Mosque”, New York Primary results, my vacation, and whatever you wish to discuss.

The radio show if you just want to listen is here.  The phoneline for the show is 1-(347)-945-7487.

Showtime is 11:00PM Eastern / 8PM Pacific.

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I will be weighing in the “Ground Zero Mosque” as well as other recent events as my radio show returns next Tuesday at 11:00PM Eastern.  (9:00PM Mountain)

The show will include my take on President Obama’s recent Address to the Nation and why I had no problem with him going on vacation.

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