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Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.  I will soon be taking my mother out for breakfast.  I used to take her out to lunch, but the Nationals are playing the Marlins today and my father and I will be going to the game.

My mother tried to keep me away from politics; and for the longest time, she was successful.  There were few politicians I like, and by the time I got to vote for them in the general election, those candidates were no longer on the ballot.  Alan Keyes is one such candidate.  He makes me think when he gives speeches and he has charisma.

There are times when I felt I should have listened to my mother, like in 2008.  I was disappointed that I did not receive any electoral votes.  It was further saddening that my own mother voted for somebody else.  (She voted for Barack Obama.)

My mother has since had a change of heart and has told me she will vote for me in 2012.  my mother and I don’t agree on everything politically.  She thinks my stance on abortion is too harsh.  My mother will also go to a movie once in a while, ofter dragging my father with her.

I am thankful that I have my mother’s support for the 2012 election.  Hopefully, she will continue her streak for voting for the winning candidate.  She said she will try to be on my radio show tonight and say “Hello” to the listeners.

I love you, Mom!

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Mother’s Day

I am heading to my parents’ home in Washington, DC this weekend.  I bought my mother tickets for tonight’s playoff game between the Capitals and the Penguins.  She hates hockey, but I had to get her something for Mother’s Day.  I got ripped off buying the tickets online and was unable to buy my mother flowers and a case of Jim Beam like I get her every Mother’s Day.

I will make my mother dinner tomorrow.  She always has a bunch of Hungry-Man dinners I can microwave for her.  I also learned how to make garlic toast.  I found out the hard way it’s now pouring garlic salt in the toaster while the bread is toasting.

Grandma Oudda will also be there for the weekend.  At least she likes hockey.  I think she is a Penguins fan, at least the way she mentions that she wouldn’t mind being called for “holding Sidney Crosby’s stick.”  She can be naughty at times.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms from the Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign!

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Chia Ahmnodt in Stores Soon

They will probably not be in stores in time for Easter, but they will be in stores in a week or two.  There is plenty of time to buy a Chia Ahmnodt for your mother for Mother’s Day.

Chia Ahmnodt will be available in Walgreen's within the next two weeks.

Chia Ahmnodt will be available in Walgreen's within the next two weeks.

While buying one for your mother, be sure to buy one for your father and any graduates in your family.  The Chia Ahmnodt will be available for a limited time only.

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