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Cinemafia in World Governments

The Cinemafia’s infiltration in world governments started innocently enough in April 1956 in the tiny Principality of Monaco when Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, married Hollywood starlet and Cinemafiosa Grace Kelly.  Nobody really paid much attention because Monaco isn’t exactly a military powerhouse with an overly-aggressive foreign policy.

Fast forward to 1980.  Americans elect a B-Rate actor who was the former president of the Screen Actors’ Guild.  Movies like “Back to the Future”, “The Breakfast Club”, and “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” are deemed classics.  Not because they are among the best movies ever made; but because there is a good chance you will see at least one of these movies on USA Network or TBS next weekend.  They seem like classics compared to the crap the Cinemafia spews today.  Today’s movies are so bad that they had to re-release “Titanic” in theaters last weekend.  (They also made a pretty penny “celebrating” the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

USA Network is also the home of the lastest Cinemafioso Anthony Shalhoub.  He plays Adrian Monk on “Monk” and also plays the role of French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

A stern Nicholas Sarkozy interrupts a reporter who was asking a question about the final season of "Monk".

The Cinemafia is everywhere but they can be defeated.  While they are currently serving as various heads-of-state, legislators, and lobbyists; they can be shown the curb by candidates who will not accept blood money.  I am one of those candidates.  I will give my opponents a GPS so they don’t get lost on their way to the curb.  Vote for me on November 6.  Together we can save the Great American Entertainment Industry.


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I Am Not The Only One


I thought I was the only person willing to fight the Cinemafia head-on.  People hate the Cinemafia, but don’t have the time or money to fight them.  I don’t have the money to fight them (or the $10 jaywalking ticket I got last night), but a man in Michigan does.  Joshua Thompson is my hero.

Joshua Thompson used to sneak his own food into a local theater unto the theater manager made a policy prohibiting food to be brought from elsewhere.  Thompson retaliated by filing a lawsuit against the theater for violating anti-trust laws.

The reason for the anti-trust lawsuit is simple:  The less competition there is, the more those in business can charge for a product or service.  Marijuana is so expensive because it is illegal and most people can only get their weed from one dealer.  The few people who can go to one dealer soon realize that all dealers get their stuff from the same CIA agent.

A large soda in a movie theater can cost $5 or more because people generally don’t bring soda from home.  And the few who did before the crackdown on home-brought colas will soon experience a spike in the cost of concessions.

I am the only presidential candidate who has offered a viable way to make both movies and concessions more affordable as demonstrated in this video I made in 2008.  The entire Ahmnodt Heare for President campaign team wishes Joshua Thompson and all others fighting the Cinemafia.

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Our Worst Enemy

Relax Canada, it’s not you.  While sending Anne Murray and Justin Bieber is an act of war worthy of sending other people’s kids, they are choir children compared to the Cinemafia.  Whle spies like Murray, Bieber, William Shatner, and Celine Dion have caused severe damage to the once great American entertainment industry, their actions are relatively tame.  The evil of the Cinemafia goes beyond ruining entertainment – it ruins lives.

I have mentioned in the past some of the lives affected:  Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Miley Cyrus.  (In the case of Miley Cyrus, I predicted her life would take a downward turn before “Party in the USA.”)  It turns out that the Cinemafia is not limited to using young girls as sex objects.  They also crave little boys.  Former child actor Corey Feldman discussed his encounter with the Cinemafia and how they ruined children’s lives.

Since the Cinemafia took over Hollywood, the quality of movies have decreased though the price of going to a movie has increased.  Child actors rake in millions for them only to end up living a train wreck of a life.  Illicit behavior in movies has spilled over into everyday society.

We need to boycott the Cinemafia and everything associated with them.  Don’t go to big Hollywood productions.  Don’t buy movies in stores, don’t do pay-per-view movies from cable, satellite, or internet.  The sooner we starve the monster, the sooner we can save the children and save America.

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Me vs Them – War

Few candidates are willing to cut spending on defense and bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Ron Paul and I want to bring the troops home and close bases overseas.  The one difference between Congressman Paul and myself is that he doesn’t address the Canada debacle.

Once upon a time, American entertainment was a beacon of excellence.  Clark Gable and John Wayne in movies.  Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, and Bob Dylan in music.  Lucille Ball and Fred MacMurray on TV.

The downfall of the Great American Entertainment industry started innocently enough.  Canadian spy William Shatner was dispatched by the Canadian government to taint American television.  Margot Kidder help diminish the greatness of Hollywood, USA.  Canadians have all but destroyed American music by spending spies in waves.  Anne Murray, then Celine Dion, and now Justin Bieber have made American music a joke.

The best American movie actor these days is Adam Sandler.  Sure he’s funny, but the sad part is this is now the best America can do.  We have stooped to Canada’s level in music by retaliating with American spies Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.  American TV has gotten so bad that TV shows have all but been replaced with reality shows.  Watching Snooki, the Situation, and J-Woww for an hour every week is not my idea of quality American entertainment.

I will address this issue as President.  Contrary to some of my prior posts, I will try to negotiate first.  if that doesn’t work, I will impose sanctions (except for hockey – I like hockey).  War will only be used as a last resort, but will not be ruled out as an option.

I was hoping to have more comparisons with the other candidates about this issue, but it seems nobody wants to address it but me.

This post is part of the “Me vs. Them” series.  Come back often to see the entire series.

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So You Want Your Child to be a Star?

I will not be blogging too much about it today because I will have a whole show dedicated to it tomorrow.  There are a few things I will mention today because people can’t wait until tomorrow to find out.

I ran for President in 2008 to make entertainment affordable.  As I researched into why entertainment is so expensive, I came across the Cinemafia,  For the longest time, I thought the Cinemafia was just an organization that wanted to make entertainment expensive.  Then I noticed the way they subliminally promoted sex amongst children.  (Ever notice that the only people who consider 12-year old children to be “adults” to be movie theaters?)  Movie theaters are ran by the Cinemafia.  They consider 12-year-olds to be adults to make more money and to satisfy their sexual appetites.   They are a demented group of people and I vow to expose them and to stop them!  (NOTE:  By “expose”, I don’t mean like a flasher in a subway.)

If your child wants to be a star, you’ll want to listen to the show Tuesday at 9:00PM Eastern so you will know what you and your child will be getting into!

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The Cinemafia vs. Spam

There are two things that infuriate me – The Cinemafia and Spam.  The Cinemafia irks me because they (as well as the Canadian Government) have watered down the quality of American entertainment while charging more money for the tainted entertainment.  Spam irritates me because people are trying to make money by posting their ads as responses to my postings without compensating me for my efforts.  I also hate spam because it doesn’t count as a reader in the stats provided by WordPress.

I have been put in a can’t win situation.  Lately I have been receiving spam from companies who offer movies for free.  I am torn about what to do in this situation:  On the one hand, spammers will be making money at my expense.  (While the movies themselves are free, the website does contain ads from which they would make money, but I wouldn’t receive a dime.  On the other hand, the Cinemafia would weaken as people would be getting movies for free instead of having to pay for them.

As President of the United States, I will be facing tough questions every day except for Vanna White’s Birthday.  Many of them I will be prepared to handle.  Whether I make the decision myself or after consulting my cabinet, I will think things thoroughly before making a decision.

Some decisions affect the American people more than others.  In situations that Americans are most affect, I will have a poll and let the people decide what is best for themselves.  This is one such occasion.  The poll is below:

The Poll is in effect until Friday September 17, 2010.

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The World Cup and my Campaign

My primary campaign stop today will be watching the World Cup in a local bar.  Many people reading this will wonder why watching soccer (or football for people outside of the US and Canada) wondering how the World Cup can be part of a presidential campaign.  the reason is simple:  It ties in with my Affordable Entertainment Awareness campaign, which is a cornerstone of my platform.

While getting World Cup tickets, flying to South Africa, and getting hotel accommodations cost a lot of money, the price of watching it on TV at home costs zero dollars and zero cents (plus applicable taxes).  I will be watching it at a local bar.  The price of the two beers and a burger will be the same whether the bar was showing the World Cup, Oprah Winfrey, or nothing at all.  In many places, this will not cost much.

Going to a movie can cost an arm and a leg if one brings a date.  Two tickets, two large soft drinks, and two large popcorns or candies can cost $50.  And unlike sporting events that are shown live on television, movies take a long time from the time it is shown in theaters to the time it is shown at home.

I will not be campaigning during the game.  I will campaign before the game and after the game.  If the USA wins, people will be more receptive to my campaign.  GO USA!

Watching the World Cup on TV costs less than going to the movies.

P.S. For those of you in South Africa who are going to the US-Ghana game, this is suggested reading.

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