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Napoleon Bloombergparte

For those of you wandering what “Napoleon Bloombergparte” is all about, it’s a reference to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he goes into Napoleon Bonaparte mode.  They both have a lot in common.  They are both short men with power who try to overcome their shortness by showing off their power more than they should.  They both attack others (Napoleon attacked Europe while Bloomberg attacks the lifestyles of New Yorkers he doesn’t like.

Bloomberg’s attack on New Yorkers have included what they eat (trans-fat), drink (large sodas), and smoke (cigarettes).  Just when there wasn’t any enemies left to attack, Bloombergparte has found a new enemy that gets under his crawl.  Those evil, diabolical people who wear earphones when listening to their MP3 players must be stopped!

Mayor Bloomberg claims that people listen to their MP3 players too loud.  He is saying that listening to music too loud can make people deaf.  I have worn earphones in the past in New York City.  The reason why people wear earphones loud is because New York City is a very loud city (especially south of Central Park in Manhattan).  There are a ton of cars, buses, and trucks roaming the streets.  There seems to be some kind of siren echoing the streets every minute.  Subway stations aren’t any better with the noise the trains make as they approach the train stations.

Michael Bloomberg’s act is getting old.  Michael Bloomberg is getting old.  Don’t elect anybody who promises more of the same and get off of Bloomberg’s lawn.


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Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a week from Friday and I should have posted this sooner.  I was hoping to get the things I wanted myslef, but can’t seem to find any of these things.  If you know where to find these things, please let me know.

  • A Rotary-Dial Cell Phone – I prefer rotary dials because many times I have my cell phone in my pocket and the buttons get pressed and dials out.  I end up getting billed for a 25-minute call to Indiana that I did not make.
  • A mp8-Track Player – I am looking for something with the portability of a mp3 player with the coolness that can only be found in 8-track players.
  • A Blender-and-Cooker Combination Bowl – I don’t like to use any more dishes than I have to.  I would like to put two eggs in a blending bowl, scramble them in the bowl, and cook them in the same bowl without pouring the scramble eggs into a frying pan and using the stove.
  • A Christmas Lighter – A lighter whose flame lights up in the same colors as Christmas lights.

I am not asking that anybody buy these for me, I just need to know where I can get these cool things.

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