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Last  Season: 54-47-1 (.529)

Best Bets:  9-12 (.429)

It’s that time of year again.  The football season kicks off tonight with a rematch of the NFC Championship Game with the perennially unretired Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings take on Drew Brees and the Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints.

Picks in Bold Best Bets in Italics.

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
9/9 8:30 ET At New Orleans -5.5 Minnesota
9/12 1:00 ET At NY Giants -6.5 Carolina
9/12 1:00 ET Miami -3 At Buffalo
9/12 1:00 ET Atlanta -2.5 At Pittsburgh
9/12 1:00 ET At Chicago -6.5 Detroit
9/12 1:00 ET At New England -4.5 Cincinnati
9/12 1:00 ET At Tampa Bay -3 Cleveland
9/12 1:00 ET At Jacksonville -2.5 Denver
9/12 1:00 ET Indianapolis -2 At Houston
9/12 1:00 ET At Tennessee -6.5 Oakland
9/12 4:15 ET Green Bay -3 At Philadelphia
9/12 4:15 ET San Francisco -3 At Seattle
9/12 4:15 ET Arizona -4 At St. Louis
9/12 8:20 ET Dallas -3.5 At Washington

Monday Night Football Point Spread

9/13 7:00 ET At NY Jets -2 Baltimore
9/13 10:15 ET San Diego -4.5 At Kansas City

Here’s hoping that Mike Shanahan can right the Redskins’ ship and that the ‘Skins return to glory!


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Super Bowl XLIV Prediction

Conference Championships: 0-2  Season: 5-5

I did pick the Saints to win, but I also picked them to cover (which they did not do).  This Super Bowl will make or break my post season, as I am currently at .500.

New Orleans Saints 15-3 (+5) vs. Indianapolis Colts  (16-2) at Miami

What I use as an indicator on who is going to win the Super Bowl is how the two teams fared against the Washington Redskins.  The Colts did not play the Redskins, but the Saints did.  The Saints looked horrible defensively, allowing the Bingo-calling offense of the Redskins to score 30 points.  Unfortunately, the Saints scored 33 points against a pretty good (despite the 4-12 record) defense.  The Redskins led by 10 points twice in the game (including in the fourth quarter), but the Saints’ offensive was too explosive.

People will point out that both teams have high-powered offensive and under appreciated, but very good defenses.  Any team that gives up 30 points to an offense as anemic as the Redskins has serious flaws.

Take the Colts and give the points.

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NFL 2009 Conference Championships Predictions

Last week: 2-2  Season: 5-3

Last week I correctly predicted both AFC Divisional Round games while I sucked wind picking the NFC games.  I can assure you that I will not get any more games wrong this week than I did last week.

New York Jets (11-7) (+7.5) at Indianapolis (15-2) 3:00PM Eastern

The Jets did an amazing job holding the Chargers to 14 points.  The Colts’ offense is similar, but Peyton Manning has more experience.  The Jets will win and go to the Super Bowl because they can run on the Colts better than the Colts can run on the Jets.  Take the Jets and the points.

Minnesota Vikings (13-4) (+4)at New Orleans Saints (14-3) 6:40PM Eastern

A lot of people want to see Brett Favre win a Super Bowl.  Few of those people will be in the Superdome as Saints fans will be loud and stuff.  The Saints will bury some of the past hauntings of New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina, Harry Connick, Jr., etc. ) and finally go to a Super Bowl.  Take the Saints and give the points.

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NFL 2009 Division Round Playoffs

I actually had a good week picking last week’s games, going 3-1.  After getting the Jets-Bengals game wrong to start the weekend, I rung up three consecutive wins.  If I keep this up, I could replace Frank Caliendo on Fox’s Pre-Game show or Elinor Clift on The McLaughlin Group.

Arizona Cardinals (+7) at New Orleans Saints

What happens when two high-powered offenses collide?  The game usually becomes a defensive struggle.  The Saints will probably win it, but it will be low scoring enough for the Cardinals to cover.  Take the Cardinals and the points.

Baltimore Ravens (+6.5) at Indianapolis Colts

The focus will be on the Colts’ high octane offense against the Ravens’ stifling defense.  The game will be decided though on the Colts’ unheralded defense stopping Ray Rice and flustering Joe Flacco often enough to force him to turn the ball and the Colts defense scoring a touchdown.  Take the Colts and give the points.

Dallas Cowboys (+3) at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings struggled at the end of the season while the Cowboys picked up steam.  The football gods will rub more salt into Redskins’ fans wounds and make the Cowboys win in a laughter.  Take the Cowboys and the points.

New York Jets (+7) at San Diego Chargers

Both teams come into this game as hot as global warming the sun.  Mark Sanchez returns to the state where he was born and raised.  He’ll do the things that need to be done to allow the Jets to win. (Hand the ball off to Thomas Jones, throw a screen pass to Thomas Jones, etc.)  Take the Jets and the points.

Last week: 3-1  Playoffs: 3-1

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