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Campaigning in Maternity Wards

I will be campaigning in maternity wards in hospitals in the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas the next two weekends.  The reason why I am choosing maternity wards is twofold: To better understand the needs of parents for the 2012 election and to plant seeds in newborns for the 2028 election.  It is the latter that compels me to spend the next two weekends at maternity wards.

Election Day 2028 will fall on November 7.  In order to be eligible to vote for the 2028 election, the voter must be born by November 7, 2010.  This is only a few weeks away.  Any campaigning in maternity wards after November 7 will be geared towards the 2032 elections (for the newborns).

My biggest fear in campaigning in maternity wards (especially to the newborns) is that I might be doing this in vain.  If I serve two terms between now and 2028, they will not have an opportunity to vote for me.  Unlike Michael Bloomberg, I do not have a City Council that can overturn term limits.  I can’t even ask Congress to do it.  If I run for a third term, it would require overturning the Twentieth Amendment of the Constitution.  I only want to be president for eight years at the most.  After serving as President, I can have a long and lucrative career as an ex-president.

I will be in full campaign mode the next two weekends as I kiss hands and shake babies.  I will be a candidate for the mainstream candidates to reckon with.


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Endorsements – 2010

I am not running for office this year, so I have time to look at races across the country.  Unlike some other politicians, I will not mandate that those who I endorse return the favor.  They are as independent as I am and we independents do not roll like that.

Florida U.S. Senate – Charlie Crist

Maine Governor – Shawn Moody

New York Governor – Jimmy McMillan


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Back On the Air

For the first time in almost a month, I will be on the air.  Since it has been a long time since I took to the airwaves and there will be much to discuss, I will be on for an hour.  I will not be using the chat that BlogTalk Radio uses as it uses too much of my computer’s resources and people have to be a member in order to chat.  The chat will be hosted on Facebook on my page.

Tonight’s show topics include the “Ground Zero Mosque”, New York Primary results, my vacation, and whatever you wish to discuss.

The radio show if you just want to listen is here.  The phoneline for the show is 1-(347)-945-7487.

Showtime is 11:00PM Eastern / 8PM Pacific.

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Phillies – Yankees World Series

I used to get excited about watching the World Series, but I am not excited this year.  The primary reason why I am not looking forward is because I am a Washington Nationals fan.  I am not looking forward to watching two teams who each won more than 40 games than my Nats.  And as a fan of most Washington teams (does anybody follow the Wizards?), it is easy to hate Philadelphia and New York teams.  Because it is easy to hate both cities’ teams, it is hard to root for either the Yankees or the Phillies.

I would have been watching “Dancing with the Stars”, but Tom DeLay, a popular endorser of my campaign, had to bow out due to stress fractures in both of his feet.  I can’t root for anybody on “Dancing with the Stars” either.

I will be watching Monday Night Football tonight.  I will be watching my Redskins play against the hated Philadelphia Eagles.  Sherman Lewis will use his recent experience to call plays like “Corners”, “Picture Frame”, and “X”.  It should confuse the Eagles.  It might even confuse the Redskins.  GO REDSKINS!

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Reverend Billy Talen for NYC Mayor

This is the first time I have publicly endorsed a candidate other than myself.  Please watch the video below before reading the rest of this post.

While The Good Reverend and I are fighting different battles, many of the battles are based on the same principle.  That principle is that corporations take too much of our money.  Whether it’s directly (like consumerism) or indirectly (the closing of America’s “Mom-and-Pop” stores), or the Cinemafia, they have had their hands in your cookie jar for too long.  They are your cookies, and Reverend Billy will make sure you get to keep your cookies.

Vote for Reverend Billy Talen of the Green Party for Mayor on November 3.

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I Guess It’s for the Better

Last month I wrote a compelling letter to New York Governor David Patterson. I had asked him to consider me for the Senate seat vacated when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.  He decided not to choose me and instead decided to pick Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand. I can’t say I blame him.  If given a choice between picking me and a hottie, I would pick a hottie too.

But there is something to consider.  I am running for president, not senator.  Critics say I don’t have enough experience to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.   They are correct.  I have never had a job where I could vote myself a pay raise.  I have never made deals to raise money for my campaign.  I have never had an illicit relationship with a hottie  (Though I have tried).

Now that I don’t have to worry about being a senator, I can spend more time on my presidential campaign.

NOTE:  Please take part in my poll.

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