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The Numbness of Disappointment

This is usually when I give my predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs.  I normally wait until now because I am usually too busy to take the time to give the First Round predictions.  I am not making a prediction this year.  I am having a hard time grasping that there is still hockey after the Washington Capitals have been eliminated.  I am rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins to beat the Canadiens even though Penguins fans will harp on how Sidney Crosby is a better player than Alex Ovechkin.  It just isn’t true.  Anybody who knows anything about hockey knows Ovechkin is a much better player than Crosby.

Next week is Mother’s Day.  I won’t be able to watch too much hockey anyway.  I am heading down to Washington after work Friday and am heading back home early Sunday evening.  I am hoping to make it home by Midnight.  The trip would have been planned a bit differently if the Capitals were still in the playoffs or if the Nationals weren’t at home against the Florida Marlins.

There will be no predictions this year, although I am hoping the Canadiens and the Canucks lose this round.


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The Battle of the Fiat Currencies

As of the time I started writing this, the Canadian dollar and the American dollar had the exact same value.  Once upon a time, a Canadian dollar was worth only 65 cents.  A few years ago, it was worth $1.10.  It had gone down to 89 cents before rising to what it is worth now – a dollar.

While Canadians are rejoicing because they finally have something that is equal to something American, it’s a sad day for Americans and a black eye on our soul.

As much as it pains me to do this, I will be boycotting hockey until this situation is rectified.  It is especially painful because my Capitals are on the verge of winning the Presidents’ Cup and are a favorite to win the Stanley Cup.

I will lead by example.  I’m not going to call for a boycott unless I plan on boycotting as well.  Anybody seeing me at the Verizon Center during a Capitals playoff game will be relieved to know that the only reason I am at the game is because somebody else bought the ticket for me and I am not spending me ever-weakening dollars on a Canadian sport.

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Is the NHL Ran by the Cinemafia?

For those of you who missed last night’s game between the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins (Probably most of you, since few people in the United States watch hockey), my Capitals were robbed last night.  The Penguins won in overtime 4-3.  I have a huge issue with how the Penguins scored the winning goal in overtime.

The bogus tripping call against Capitals forward Milan Jurcina was minor compared to the trip against Capitals forward Alexander Semin.  Anybody who follows hockey knows that the Penguins have gotten a lot of calls since Sidney Crosby started playing for the Pens.  It was the same deal when Mario Lemieux was in his prime with the Penguins.

Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post suggests that we have a “Sports Czar.”  This appears to be a good idea on the surface.  I would hope that any Sports Czar would have no ties to the Cinemafia.  Otherwise, we would have the same problem in all sports, not just hockey.

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Campaign Lull

For those who follow this blog regularly, you have noticed that I haven’t blogged everyday and my blog entries have been smaller.  There are two reasons for this:

1 – Life sometimes gets in the way of running an efficient campaign.  I have been working a lot.  I have also been taking care of my grandmother, who has never fully recovered from the infamous mosh pit incident at the Seniors’ Center.

2- Lack of inspiration from political events.  I can’t get myself invited to G-20 or Pan-American summits.  I am working on a plan to stop piracy off the coast of Africa.

3- NHL Playoffs.  My Capitals are finally in the playoffs.  After losing the first two games of the playoffs to the New York Rangers, we finally got things going with a 4-0 trouncing of the Rangers in New York.  I really need the Caps to win this because I am living in the New York area in an area contaminated with Rangers and Devils fans.  The best thing Caps coach Bruce Boudreau Boudreau-Ghali did was yank Jose Theodore from goal and replaced him with Simeon Varlamov.

I am hoping that my workload will lighten soon and that my grandmother gets better.  I am also hoping to bring better blog entries soon.

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