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Hitting the Road

This Thursday I will be embarking on a five-day campaign trip that will take me through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Right now the only thing that is anything near planned is a small rally in Winston-Salem.  I am open to other rallies (especially on Monday morning and afternoon.)

I might give an impromptu speech in front of the very spot where I first decided to get involved in politics in 1998 when I ran for Senate,  (I was beating John Edwards and Lauch Faircloth in polls when people found out I wasn’t eligible due to age.)

This was supposed to be part of a longer trip that would have brought me into Washington DC the following weekend for my daughter’s birthday.    While I was able to find someone who could take care of the dog for that time, I couldn’t find anybody to watch my pet ants or water my bread mold beyond Monday.  I’ll be back home Monday evening only to head to Washington that Friday.  OPEC is starting to love me.

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Attention Winston-Salem

If you live in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, check out Barnhill’s soon.  Barnhill’s is a bookstore that also sells wines and has wine-tastings of the finest North Carolina wines.  Displays from area artists will also be featured.  Book authors will be stopping by to sign books including Claire Collins.

Be sure you tell the staff that Ahmnodt Heare sent you!

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Weather Woes

I did not want to do a lot of traveling in January and February, but it seems that’s when people want me to speak the most.  Many of these speaking engagements are within a two hour drive from where I live.

I am concerned about bad wintry weather and traveling  on roads as slick as Bill Clinton.  There is also the concern of putting a ton of miles on my 1997 Geo Metro.  The car wasn’t too bad when I was living in North Carolina because it didn’t snow much there.  New Jersey gets a lot of wintry weather (snow, ice, and fog).  The roads were icy today and I couldn’t make the trip to the gas station to buy cigarettes and toothpicks.

I will buy studded snow tires next week and save them for days that I have to travel for campaigning or beer runs.  Driving carefully will also make my trips safer.  This will include not drinking the beer while returning from the store.

There is nothing planned during the week.  I will be attending a Festivus party next weekend.  I hope no big men are there because the “Feats of Strength” always wears me out.

If anybody knows how to write wikis, here is the link to my name.

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I Hope I’m Not Too Late

I wanted to post this earlier, but sometimes life happens and you can’t get to the computer.  This message is for anybody going to tonight’s Final Four games.  Please remember the “Ahmnodt Heare for President” signs and the “Ahmnodt for America” lapel stickers.  Once again, I thank you for your effort.

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If You are Going to the Final Four

If you’re going to be in the Detroit area and you are going to attend the Final Four, I will need a huge favor from you.  I will need you to find band members of North Carolina, Villanova, Connecticut, and Mighigan State and make this sign for their lapels:

These signs should be 3" x 1.5" and placed on the shirt beneath the school logo.

These signs should be 3" x 1.5" and placed on the shirt beneath the school logo.

I will also need a few signs for the schools’ student sections and signs for people who can been seen on TV.

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An Open Invitation to Senator Clinton

If Senator Obama does not want to debate you this Sunday, then I will be more than happy to debate you in his place.  We can discuss the issues like the economy, the “War on Terror” and how the CineMafia is driving the price of entertainment through the roof.

Please let me know as soon as possible because I will have to find a place to host my radio show this Sunday after the debate.

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Going Home

I will be spending most of the next two weeks campaigning in my home state of North Carolina. Nothing beats going to your own house after a day of campaigning. I’ll probably swing up to Indiana for a day or two in the early part of next week. I hope I will be home before the polls close in Pennsylvania. It won’t make too much of a difference one way or another because people will vote the same way whether I am home when the polls close or in southern Virginia on my way home.

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