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Recovery Stage

The doctor decided to release me from the hospital before finding out the results from the tests I took over the weekend.  One reason is that I have been relatively symptom-free for the last 36 hours (aside from the ill feeling I got from eating hospital food).  I think it was because the hospital was becoming full and they needed bed space.  The guy in the room next to me was checked in with a toothache.

The doctor told me that I should take a light workload if I could and to avoid stressful situations.  The first stressful situation I avoided was having the doctor call my parents and tell them what he told me and that they should return home.  I also avoided the stressful situation with checking out with billing before I left.  The doctor would have appreciated that I was a good patient who listens to his doctor if he didn’t jump off the roof of the hospital screaming “NO MORE!!!”

I will be doing all of my work from home this week.  Any clients will have to come over to my condo to conduct business.  I don’t like clients at my place, but I am following my doctor’s order’s.  I am also having a stripper pole installed in my bedroom so the girls from the nudie bar can come over if they want to work on their night off.

I will be a good patient and take it easy.  With an anticipated light work week, I will have time to catch up on the news and find out what is going on in the world.


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Twice a Week

During the spring and summer months (weather permitting) I will be having a podcast on Saturday afternoons at 12:00PM Eastern.  This will start next Saturday.  The Saturday shows will be on location outdoors amongst the people.  I will not know ahead of time if the crowds are supportive of my campaign or not.  I am hoping the Saturday show will bring a discussion of the issues.

The Friday Night shows will continue at 11:00PM Eastern.  There is a show tonight.  The Friday night shows will be from my home (Unless the owner of the nudie bar changes his mind and lets me host shows there.)  Tonight’s show will be about the Republican debate last night (with my answers) as well as a comment about Osama bin Laden.

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A Birthday Wish

You can breathe easy.  I do not want presents, cash, or gift cards for my birthday.  All I ask for is one of two things:

  • For the people who are going to the All-Star Game in St. Louis on Tuesday – Please bring either an “Ahmnodt Heare for President” sign or a “Google Ahmnodt Heare” sign and try to bring the sign to the front row behind home plate.  If you can’t bring it behind home plate, then try to find a spot where the sign will get television exposure.
  • For everybody else – Please call two of your friends and head out to a bar tomorrow night.  Then you and your friends can talk up my campaign loud enough for the hotties or studs (depending on your preference)  to hear the conversation.  Not only will more people hear about my campaign, but it’s a good way to meet people.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day for me.  I have my daughter for the next two weeks.  That rules out birthday parties at the nudie bar (or at any bar.)  Tomorrow will be dedicated to watching the Sponge Bob marathon in the morning and to going to the horse track in the afternoon.  (Patrica likes ponies.)

In case you were wondering, I will turn 36 years old tomorrow.  That makes me a Cancer.

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