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Things I Have Noticed

There are some things going on in Washington that I have been keeping my eye on.  None of it is making any sense to me.  If it’s making sense to you, please let me know.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the Pentagon, and the White House are not on the same page as it applies to Afghanistan.  Not only are they not on the same page with each other, they are not on the same page with me.  I would have spent less time in Afghanistan and Iraq and more time in Canada.  If I won the election in 2008, not only would I have withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan, but I would be in the beginning stages of withdrawing from Canada by now.

I heard in the news that fewer doctors are accepting Medicare and Medicaid because of the decreased payments that Medicare and Medicaid are willing to pay doctors.  My “Apple-a-Day” program would have been fully implemented.

The BP oil disaster would have been handled differently.  As Commander-in-Chief, I have to protect America from all enemies, oil and domestic.  I would have encouraged those who wanted to help clean up the oil to clean up the oil.  If I couldn’t get enough people to volunteer, I would have reinstated the draft until every last drop of oil is out of the Gulf of Mexico.

Reminder:  Don’t forget to listen to my radio show tonight at 10:00PM Eastern.


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Live Blog Commentary Tonight

I will be live blogging my comments to President Obama’s Oval Office address tonight at 8:00PM Eastern (7 Central/6 Mountain. 5 Pacific / 4 Alaskan, 2 Hawaiian).  President Obama will be talking about steps already taken and steps yet to be done.  I will reply with what hasn’t been done and what should be done already.

Be sure to refresh your browser often during the address as the blog will be updated often during and soon after the address.

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Milestone Sneaks By

I was looking at the homepage of this blog this morning when I made a startling discovery:  I have surpassed 70,000 readers.  I normally am able to countdown days in advance. but the last time I noticed, I was only at 69,827 and figured I had plenty of time before I reached 70,000.  The truth is I reached 70,000 on Monday and it had slipped my attention until now.

Let’s look at my week in review:

  • Sports – The NHL Playoffs concluded with the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Cup in six games.  The Celtics and Lakers are in an intense NBA final.  Stephen Strasburg made his major-league debut for My Washington Nationals.  The World Cup tournament started The USA tied England (which is not to be confused with Great Britain.)
  • BP Oil Spill Disaster – The oil will take weeks months years to clean up.  I’m not going to comment any more because this ticks me off.
  • “Super” Tuesday Primaries – Other than my not being allowed to vote, the big stories were the Tea Party and Barbara Boxer’s hair.
  • Preparing for my radio show – My on-again, off-again radio show will be on again starting a week from Tuesday.
  • Joran Van der Sloot – A note to the media:  Fewer Van der Sloot stories and more Amanda Knox stories.  At least Amanda Knox is cute.

On to 80,000!

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